Anyone who sees this boy, call our home phone number...

2022.01.22 14:12 CardiologistEntire92 Anyone who sees this boy, call our home phone number...

Actual press conference line from the Gosch family in 1982.
I know things were bad for missing kids and their families back then, but who on earth would think this is a good idea? I read that Noreen said their phone rang around the clock for a long time.
What a way to attract new psychos to the family...put them in a situation to be exploited...kill a good lead because the witness called the family instead of local 911!
Every time I was this documentary this jumps out at me. I can’t believe things were like this during my lifetime.
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2022.01.22 14:12 butcheredalivev3 Looking for a quality sub $200 knife

I currently have a Gerber knife I got from Walmart for $35 and the blade is rusting. Get what ya pay for I guess. Looking for something that is corrosion resistant and holds an edge, but doesn’t take an hour to sharpen. The blade on the one I have is about 3 inches and the handle is 3.5 inches, and it’s perfect. Looking at a Spyderco Para 3 or Manic 2, both lightweight, or maybe a Benchmade Bugout. Any other suggestions are welcome!
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2022.01.22 14:12 Health077 ‘Spider-Man’ Tops Friday Box Office As ‘Scream’ Drops 71%

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2022.01.22 14:12 Majestic-Ad-261 On a plane during community day :') ...

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2022.01.22 14:12 -PS5 Brentford 1 - [2] Wolves - Ruben Neves 78'

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2022.01.22 14:12 Remy4409 L'allocation Canadienne pour enfants est-elle calculée seulement en début d'année?

Désolé pour le titre qui n'est pas très clair. On a eu un enfant en octobre 2021. On est supposé recevoir 280$ d'allocation du fédéral par mois. On a rien reçu du tout en 2021, mais là on a reçu l'équivalent de 3 mois en janvier. Donc j'imagine pour Novembre et Décembre en plus.
J'imagine que ça se calcul seulement de début d'année et que c'est donc rétroactif? C'est vraiment juste pour ma connaissance personelle. Merci!
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2022.01.22 14:12 DjusgarVadamee 14m from alaska, id like to either join or host a new smp with like 4-10 members. no VC yet, please :P

minecraft has gotten a bit stale on singleplayer, would anybody want to start an smp with me? im not usually comfortable in voice chat though so id just use text. age doesnt really matter to me.
also my internet sucks and i cant join a server that isnt hosted in alaska, canada or northwestern US :(
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2022.01.22 14:12 -PS5 Brentford 1 - [2] Wolves - Ruben Neves 78'

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2022.01.22 14:12 Yakel1 Decision on Assange appeal arguments to come Jan. 24th - Assange Defense

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2022.01.22 14:12 damnfineson Well, my first experience with A** holes after 20 rounds. How common are they?

Playing with my brother Jim and we've got a tee time booked for 8:50 with 10min intervals. The holes are fairly short so its pretty quick, 90 mins avg for 9 holes. Nobody is in front of us for at least 2 holes and we're teeing off bang on 8:50, by the time we've left the tee there are 2 pairs already waiting to tee off.
We're normally fast, never had to let anyone play through before but we get off to a slowish start but still on the green in 2 and 3 on a par 4. Second hole I'm on the green in 2 again but Jim duffs one and loses 1 to the bushes, we're still doing fine for time and clearly just a couple of bad shots but they're right up our arse already after obviously having a really good first hole. No need to let them through just yet.
As we leave the 2nd green we see them walk up the 3rd fairway skipping the second hole and proceeding to tee off right in front of us as we stepped onto the tee, not a word was said by them (We were considerate and stood their quietly so they could tee). This irked my brother but we were in no rush, just let it be, unfortunately the 3rd is a drivable par 4 so we have to wait for them to play the whole hole before we can tee off. They then managed to keep a decent gap to us not slowing us down so we chuckled about the arrogance as carried on.
Come the 6th, its a 150 yard par 3 with the 7th hole tee just off to the side with only a bit of rough between. I pull my shot and its going straight for them, I immediately shout fore as loudly as I can and stand there with my arm up indicating its coming their way. They look at me and don't move and inch, ball lands a foot from them, I thought I'm not going to stick my arm up and apologise because shit happens and quite frankly its only a gesture of kindness which I didn't think they deserved. They immediately pick my ball up and toss it into the bushes.
We're laughing at this point but they can't see or hear it, we start to walk down. Jim says to me "we're going to be nice to them" "I'm not going to apologise" I said "no no, we wont apologise but just be nice" "Hey, did you see a ball land over there?!" Jim shouts. "Oh now you're talking" says one of the blokes Jim repeats him self "did you see a ball land somewhere over there" "you need to shout fore next time" followed by some other inaudible mumbling "We did" more inaudible mumbling "can you hear how stupid you sound" Jim responds before walking away
We get to the 9th and we've caught them back up and are waiting for them to finish. All that drama and they've saved themselves 10 minutes (which offsets the hole they skipped) rather than just booking an earlier tee time so they we'rent in such a rush and ruining everyone's day.
I'm going back tomorrow and will hopefully see them on the 10th
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2022.01.22 14:12 TuragaV One-Shots to Drop in Curse of Strahd for a New DM

Hey all!
I'm running a Curse of Strahd campaign and one of my players is interested in trying DMing! We're talking about him potentially running a side adventure in-universe with the regular characters since then he'll have a general idea what the other players are capable of.
I've suggested finding a mostly self-contained dungeon/haunted house one-shot to run somewhere around level 4-6. I also told him he could potentially do something as a dream (I might have to force dream pastries on the party for this one though). They just finished an altered Death House and are exploring the Village of Barovia next session. I'm thinking his session would be towards the end of there time in the village or somewhere on the road heading towards Vallaki.
Any suggestions for an easily adaptable one-shot that would be good for a first time DM?
I'm trying to avoid spoilers since I'll be player in it. I sent him to Adventure Awaits' free adventures and told him a couple that I thought might easily be dropped in just from the overall descriptions (Frozen Temple, Hill House, Grave Night, Dusk Hollow), but don't want to read too much into them. I'm considering a member of the order of the feathers or Vasili/Strahd scoping out the party as my PC for the session. Something that could have an extra motive for them would work really well too.
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2022.01.22 14:12 flongale How many on here are using the Bernstein approach?

Just curious! I was diagnosed 8 months ago, and I am getting excellent results with his approach, (A1C 4.9-5.3%) so wondering how come not everyone is doing it? Ha ha.
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2022.01.22 14:12 GomerStuckInIowa Can I join the DS club?

DS stand for Dumb Sh*t. Had my CAMP for over a year and really liked it. Located down the hill on a pond not too far from Top of the World. Peaceful, wood around for cooking, Radstags wander by on a regular basis and the pond had constant brahmin. Maxed out on build. Two floors, porch around, Southern style with bar, music group and dance floor downstairs, living quarters upstairs. Thinking about redoing CAMP #2 and hit wrong button and DELETED MAIN CAMP! I swear it was not the Irish Whiskey.
Now, it is there, saved. But the problem is that my CAMP was so wide that I can't seem to place it down again. I run into obstacles. I back up to move or rotate and "pop" is disappears! So I went to the highway by TotW and tried. No luck placing. I went to the golg course. No luck. I think some of the problem is that you place the camp machine in the middle. Over time I had moved my machine to the edge and two floors up. But the CAMP placement is going to cover that plus it reaches out in all directions. So cr*p!
Any suggestions? Is there a very large open place with no trees or large rocks? Or do I just open more Jamesons and destroy it all to start over? (I'm on xbox)
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2022.01.22 14:12 Hastlenutcase Mental clutter.

There’s a-lot happening in my life now. Un achieved career goals, and i completed degrees and stressing exams and along with beautiful love story like i never happened. Financial struggles. Everything is happening in my life now. I cant focus on anything, im just doing the go with the flow motto now.
I am not focused. I was very messy person, but recently started therapy and also organizing my outer-self, my bedroom and cleaning and keeping it tidy without letting it go messy like i used to do before. But this was something i knew before and my therapist suggested me this and I thought of giving it a try. But now i am freaking out in the same amount but in a clean room.
I feel like anything is working for me .
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2022.01.22 14:12 lavenderbabes1314 In need of advice on my current situation please help if you can

My ex and I were together for 4 years before he broke up with me about 3 months ago. I was completely blindsided and shattered. He told me we both needed time to figure out what we wanted to do alone for a while since we started dating as kids and grew into adults together. I agreed for the most part. We ended things on good terms; we cried into eachothers arms and promised each other we would find our way back to one another because we both truly love the other. It was a really depressing few months for me.
He reached out to me a week ago saying how sad he is and how he gave up the only thing that he loved, I offered to talk to him in person and he didn’t want to he was very hesitant after some txts back and forth he asked me to go over and I did. We hugged eachother for a a really long time and he didn’t immediately say he wanted to be with me. About an hour into our conversation he said he wants me back and he made a mistake letting me go. I told him to take a week to think about things and he kept saying I don’t need a week I have been thinking about things this whole breakup. We got to the point in our conversation where everything felt normal again, I was just talking to my best friend, catching up on life.
The next time I met up with him I wanted to be very clear on what we were doing and set boundaries. He told me the thought of making a forver comment scares him. (We had made a forever commitment when we were together previously ) I understood where he was coming from because we are so young that it isn’t realistic to make a commitment like that right now. We divided that we would date again but not so muc focus on our futures together but more so focusing on improving the others individual life. I think that’s smart considering I struggled a lot with issues of codependency in our relationship.
Since we’ve been doing this I have barley heard from him via text on the days I don’t see him. It makes me really sad because before he would text me all throughout my day but he also expressed that it puts a lot of pressure on him. My Therpist said me expecting to hear from him throughout the day is a symptom of my codependency. When we broke up he made friends with this girl that he told me he asked out and she rejected him. I noticed he liked her cute lil body pic last night and it made me so sad.
I don’t want to put myself through worse heartbreak if he doesn’t truly love me anymore. I feel like he does, when we are together he looks at me like I’m so beautiful he tells me I’m the best thing in his life and he doesn’t know how he gave me up. I have also reframed from being intimate with him in the case that that is what he misses mostly, however we have gotten rly sexual w eachother too just haven’t let him go all the way since the breakup because I still feel so unsure. Am I overthinking this relationship? Is it my own toxic behaviors coming out again ? What do you guys think of the situation and what should I do please be kind but honest I am trying my best
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2022.01.22 14:12 Nice-Sentence9771 I'll say it,I don't care I missed it, I'll walk it off tomorrow,If you got it,good for you now go flex on deez nuts or smth,I like my regular progression better than skipping moths of fun and potential epic plays.

I'll say it,I don't care I missed it, I'll walk it off tomorrow,If you got it,good for you now go flex on deez nuts or smth,I like my regular progression better than skipping moths of fun and potential epic plays. submitted by Nice-Sentence9771 to Brawlstars [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 14:12 chaylanicolee Online Jobs for Teens?

When i say teens i mean 16-17 i’m 17, working part-time, i graduated early and I need the extra income for college soon. I cant work doordash, ubereats, instacart etc. I was looking at transcribing websites but they all are 18+ (the ones i’ve seen.) I would love to do transcribing it seems like great money. Someone give me recs. on websites that pay good in the long run.
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2022.01.22 14:12 Sonnenkreuz Getting back together with my ex girlfriend, but there's a catch.

I (M18) had been together with a girl (F20) for about a year and a half, and due to some issues in the relationship we broke up. Now fast forward a few months later and we really miss eachother and are thinking about maybe getting back together, seems great right? So here's the catch, when I was dating her she didn't really have any clear religion except maybe vaguely christian. Now she has become a muslim and she seems very serious about it, which is fine by me I don't care that much and I know what it would all mean. Something I hadn't thought of however is that she would want me to get circumcised, something which isn't very common in my country (only about 25% of men). This seems horrible to me but I really don't want to lose her since I understand it's part of her religion.
What do I do?
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2022.01.22 14:12 BorderThink2750 What’s the best shoe boosts to put on kristaps 🦄

Debating speed with ball, acceleration, vertical, rebounding, stamina, lateral quickness, or 3pt
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2022.01.22 14:12 CthulhuInACan Will there be enough time to max Nightwave if I only start now?

I'm planning on starting to start playing once the Prime Resurgence ends on the 25th, and was wondering if, if I make sure to do every daily/weekly Nightwave available, I would be able to reach rank 180 in Nightwave before the current season ends?
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2022.01.22 14:12 Rocket_King Anybody need some junk removal services from their home/storage unit! At your service today and tomorrow 👍🏽

Trynna make some extra money so using my truck to come pick up your trash for a one time fee! I cover delano-bakersfield cities
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2022.01.22 14:12 llttl Discord UI bugging out for multiple people I know, and admins are removing roles at random

Something is wrong with Discord ATM. UIs are breaking, and admins are removing roles from people without actually doing it. My one admin removed all of his own roles when his UI bugged out.
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2022.01.22 14:12 dannylenwinn On February 1, billions of people around the world will be celebrating the Year of the Tiger. Not limited to just China, Asians around the world will be partaking in many cultural activities and carrying on century-old traditions for a fruitful and prosperous year ahead.

On February 1, billions of people around the world will be celebrating the Year of the Tiger. Not limited to just China, Asians around the world will be partaking in many cultural activities and carrying on century-old traditions for a fruitful and prosperous year ahead. submitted by dannylenwinn to ASEANMacro [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 14:12 Little-Hooligan Take VET today?

View Poll
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2022.01.22 14:12 momofcrookshanks [SELL] Victoria's Secret body mist in BARE VANILLA

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