Could my shiny event Solgaleo be legit?

A Shiny Pokémon (Japanese: 色違い color variation; 光 る shining) is a specific Pokémon with different coloration to what is usual for its species. It is one of the many differences that a Pokémon can have within its species. They were originally called rare (Japanese: レア rare) in the debug menu from Pokémon Gold and Silver, Color Pokémon in Pokémon Stadium 2, and also referred ... Raikou could be taken to mean 雷光 raikou (lightning), which is also the inspiration for the name of raijū, or it may be a combination of 雷 rai (thunder) and 皇 kō (emperor). It may also derive from 雷公 raikō (thunder duke), the on'yomi reading of Lei Gong, a Taoist/Daoist deity. In other languages When light radiates from its body, this Pokémon could almost appear to be the sun. It will dispel any darkness and light up the world. Shield: Solgaleo was once known as the Beast That Devours the Sun. Energy in the form of light radiates boundlessly from it. Events & Un-obtainable Shiny Pokémon. In Generation IV and Generation V, nearly all the non-Shiny event Pokémon you obtain are coded to not be shiny. These Pokémon can usually be soft reset for IVs and natures, but they will never be shiny. There are a few exceptions for this, such as a couple of Kyushu events in 2012 in Japan. Design and development. Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced "Alola Forms" of various generation I Pokémon. These versions are to represent "the different microclimates in the Alola region". The Alolan versions of Pokémon like Vulpix and Exeggutor have different appearances and types and were introduced alongside generation VII Pokémon. Alex Hern of The Guardian suggested that the developers ...

2022.01.22 14:25 prof1reddit0r Could my shiny event Solgaleo be legit?

I got this shiny event Solgaleo in a trade. ID, OT, ball check out. It only has 3 Best IVs, and the other 3 are Hyper trained. It didn't have the gold bottle cap (most likely used for Hyper training).
However, it also has Pokerus, which is pretty much the only red flag that I got.
What do you guys think?
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2022.01.22 14:25 mainething Maine - St. Croix River area 1836

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2022.01.22 14:25 Alex_wlf Game constantly crashing

My game literally crashes every game I play (only br). Does anyone know why? Specs: I5-9600k, gtx 1660s and 16gb of ram
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2022.01.22 14:25 the_other_wobbegong (2016, NMP) TAIL SLAP by Killer Whale Stuns Fish

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2022.01.22 14:25 RTGac What's a clever way for a beautiful cunning woman to get her current man to prove his worth if she's suddenly got an unexpected opportunity to trade up?

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2022.01.22 14:25 defreebiebuddy Automatic Cat Litter Box Deodorizer $23.88, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested

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2022.01.22 14:25 RevokedStudio I Escaped A Government Facility That Contains Monsters Part 4 is out! It is an origanal SCP Tale of an SCP Escaping a Site!

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2022.01.22 14:25 foreverloveyou Wow, haven’t seen whitney’s name and Toluca in the same sentence in months! 🤔

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2022.01.22 14:25 blocodents Happening right now on my Grand Magus run, after a hookshot.

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2022.01.22 14:25 billiefitzmusictime Young artist trying to make friends and fans

Hello my name is Billie Fitz and I make music and I’ve posted this to many different subs. I only have 100 something monthly listeners on Spotify. If you like artists like Mac Demarco and Rex Orange County or bands like Her’s and Men I Trust you might like my stuff. My most recent single is called Baby Comeback. I hope you’ll give it a listen! Please be my friend! Thanks :)
baby comeback Billie Fitz
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2022.01.22 14:25 recovering_spaz How can I substitute white rice for cauliflower rice in a casserole?

I'm planning to make a broccoli and cheese casserole but with riced cauliflower instead of white rice. Is there a general rule about how I would make the substitution?
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2022.01.22 14:25 DysphoricSandRat my materials are looking weird and cant open blueprint editor by clicking on these images

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2022.01.22 14:25 CriticalLifeguard903 A lot of objectives are completed by the community already.

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2022.01.22 14:25 jiutitsu_blackbelt Streak 24: mi watchlist

Hola a todos. Uso el aplicación que se llama Letterboxd por no olvidar que películas he visto y que películas quiero ver. Así tengo un Watchlist, no sé si hay una palabra española para decirlo. Cuando uso está aplicación, yo hago clic sobre películas, entonces sobre el director y entonces sobre sus otras obras. Así añado estás películas a mi Watchlist. El resultado es que en este Watchlist hay 762 películas. Es solamente un poco excesivo 😗 En estas 762 películas hay cortometrajes también, ¿así es razonable no ?
¿Tienes también una lista demasiada larga de libros o películas que quieres leer o ver?
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2022.01.22 14:25 Important_Bet_1477 We hurt too.

I think people will get upset by this, but I’m upset too. This is my last post on Reddit. The people who are in love with you, we hurt too. You think because we are introverts things are not as hard for us? If we think about you we are crazy, if we don’t we are rejecting. You are challenge, we are trying to fix you, etc, etc, etc. You act like we are trying to manipulate you. We can’t love you too much, we can’t love you too little, we are always the problem. I’m done. I am sure you will say it’s my fault and I just don’t care anymore.
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2022.01.22 14:25 ju_ti 🍔 Get 5$ off First SkipTheDishes Order! 🍔 - Skip The Dishes Coupon Code
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2022.01.22 14:25 jdude0822 The Postmaster IS a Problem, And People Are in the Right When Complaining

There currently is a post on the front page talking about how it is your fault if your items are getting deleted out of the postmaster.
I just wanted to address the fact that in a way it is your fault if your stuff gets deleted deleted, HOWEVER, the system itself is not good. Think of this scenario:
Its Friday night, and you finally get to dig in and play a bunch of crucible with your friends. You stay up late having a blast in crucible and then someone says out of nowhere "oh I need to go to the tower". You then realize that you have not been to the tower all night because you were having so much fun. You then obviously agree to go because you haven't been too and want to see your loot haul so far. Upon landing you get the "your postmaster is full!" message. You don't think much about it until you open it up to see all of your ascendant shards and prisms replaced by absolute trash.
Does this sound like it is an acceptable scenario? Is it the player's fault this happened? I'll honestly let you make your own decision on this but to me, the answer to both of these questions is NO. If the penalty for having fun and losing track of time is having your items deleted, let me reiterate, deleted, then that to me is honestly fucked up.
Nothing in destiny deletes your stuff without your permission. Its to the point where the own damn API isn't allowed to do it because Bungie knows that deleting items is a super serious thing. There are many overlapping problems here:

  1. Vault space is, and always has been an issue. Destiny as a game encourages hoarding due to wide sweeping meta changes effectively REQUIRING it unless you want to lose your mind grinding for a god roll gun in dead content that is 2 years old
  2. Max material stacks are WAY too low. I should not be able to spend like 2 hours of running GMS and have max of a material stack. That just feels silly. At least boost it to a value that takes a couple of days of grinding to reach. It is very obvious WHY this limit was created, but there are ways to "save" prisms, cores, and shards by investing them in item pieces, but it feels like such a clunky system that there should be SOMETHING to store them. At this point i would not care if i had to pay 2 shards to store 1 in my vault.
  3. The postmaster is full message informing you when you are in the tower is WAY too late. It should be like, red ass flashing screen IMMEDIATELY upon returning to orbit.
I don't know why that post got on my nerves so much, but I think it probably has to do with someone being complacent with a trash system and then blaming people for having shitty things happen to them. When there are issues with the game, make your voice heard. Don't point fingers at people for bad things happening to them, and instead, try and discuss how to make those bad things NOT happen (or at least happen less) so we can have a better game.

tl;dr: In my opinion, you can't put the blame (or at least the full blame) on the player for having items pushed out of their postmaster. Complacency will get you nowhere in improving the game.
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2022.01.22 14:25 EnglishAccount5 Choosing university

Hello, I'm an international student applying for computer science, but I can't choose a university. I have a couple of questions, I will be very glad if you give advice. I looked at many universities in Canada and still did not choose. For example, in Toronto there are many job opportunities that could be easier during co-op. But the universities are expensive here. I am considering Guelph University and Ryerson University in Toronto. In other provinces:University of Calgary,Dalhousie University,Concordia University. Is it worth studying and working after graduation in Toronto. Or I can study in another province and then work in Toronto after graduation. How will it be with coop in another province and looking for a job after graduation in Toronto if I will i graduate in another province. Worth it to overpay for studies in Toronto?
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2022.01.22 14:25 Im-a-wierd-being People asked for the link to a glock 17 stock on my recent post and I can only link it here. Hope you Guys find it.

💰 Se hvad jeg fandt på Wish! Jeg giver dig 33 kr. i rabat på dit første køb med koden: lbwsvdz
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2022.01.22 14:25 robotnick46 A24 - Are they "Indie" if so, why?

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