Any way to heal long term heart damage from cocaine abuse?

Nearly 7 of 10 smokers say they want to stop. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health — smoking harms nearly every organ in your body, including your heart. Nearly one-third of deaths from heart disease are the result of smoking and secondhand smoke. Atherosclerosis begins as microscopic damage to the inner lining of an artery wall. Many forces can cause this damage, including high blood pressure, cigarette smoke, diabetes, high cholesterol, conditions that cause blood to clot more easily, drugs such as cocaine and androgens, and possibly infections of the inner linings of the arteries. Heart rate is a good example because it’s vital to life and because most drugs affect it at some level. Many long-time drug users suffer damage to their heart or other vital organs. Living with an elevated heart rate for a long period of time has the effect of wearing out the muscle. Acute myocardial infarction, also known as a heart attack, is a life-threatening condition that occurs when blood flow to the heart muscle is abruptly cut off, causing tissue damage. Cocaine can cause physical signs like twitching, dilated pupils, sniffing and a runny nose. Cocaine can cause short-term effects like high blood pressure and increased heart rate. These effects can lead to heart attacks, strokes and other medical emergencies. Cocaine can cause long-term damage to the body and mind. Sometimes these problems come with pain. Someone using the drug might feel a twinge in the chest or a feeling of pins in their fingertips, but sometimes the damage occurs without any pain at all. Body Temperature Changes: In the 1990s, research involving rats and cocaine, looked for evidence of the damage cocaine can do. Drink too much booze for too long a time and those chemicals damage your liver. ... Street drugs like heroin and cocaine also cause liver damage. So can herbal remedies and supplements, as well as ... Most people use cocaine because they enjoy its powerful excitatory effects. As a stimulant, cocaine revs up your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and body temperature, making you feel more alert and energetic. As cocaine courses through your veins, it can send your cardiovascular system into a dangerous overdrive. Teenage Addiction Affects The Family. The CDC reports underaged drinkers have more drinks per drinking occasion than their adult counterparts. At least 19% of individuals between 12 and 20 years old drink alcohol regularly; due to underreporting, the figure is most likely much higher. Cocaine speeds up the system, which increases the risk for heart attack and stroke. Not only is cocaine majorly addictive, regular use can cause you to experience psychotic and negative side effects when you take it, such as paranoia, anxiety, panic, irritability, tremors, and hostility. Cocaine has significant impact on the body and brain.

2022.01.22 13:49 yuzuyo Any way to heal long term heart damage from cocaine abuse?

So my older brother (28 years old) opened up to me about former cocaine and drug abuse. He said he did SO much that he doesn't remember a thing for the past few years and it was all a blur. Nearly on a high 24/7. We have a rough family history so i see how he turned to addiction from emotional issues and pain.
I had no idea as he always hid things very well from our family. I always asked him what was up as I was very suspicious but he never opened up from shame. But he has been clean for 3 years now.
However right now he told me... he has intense heart pain that feels like a heart attack once a month. He takes medicine everyday to bring down his blood pressure. With that heart attack feeling once a month, he has to stumble out of bed and quickly take his meds to even feel like he can handle the pain. He feels like his brain can't concentrate even now, or at least it's very hard to.
He is only 28 and I'm so fucking scared for him. We just lost our dad a week ago and he finally opened up to me and now I'm scared he only has a few years left with this pain he describes. Does it need more time even though it's already been 3 years? What can be done to help the healing process or is it just like ... once the damage is done it's done??
pls help :(
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Should I stick with golden mace or swap to something else?
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Im about to start teaching high schoolers (13-19 y.o). I’m in my twenties but I look 15, I have been told this over and over by teenagers. I know looking older is not essential to being respected. I want to look older / bigger anyway. I am about 90 lbs and 5 ft tall. So far I’ve learned chunky knit sweaters, boots, thick cardigans, blazers that aren’t awkwardly proportioned / sized, etc. can help. Any other ideas?
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Ok so all these sites are micro tasking sites, uhrs is great but it disent have that many good paying hitapps and always gets me banned on them for no reason, remotasks is my all-time favorite but it also has stopped providing tasks, and l got banned on Toloka for no reason. Now l need some Alternative Please help me lm desperate to earn money. Thanks
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I have an OG pixel 4 (not 4a or XL). What's a good budget VR headset for this phone? Google Day Dream?
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I’ve had my 2018 GLC 300 for about 6 months now and so far it’s been great. Now that it’s gotten cold out here I’ve obviously been using the heat a lot more. In previous cars that I’ve had, I normally keep the heat on just the lower vents because I don’t like hot air blowing in my face. However with this car it feels like the lower vents don’t work at all. I need to keep both upper and lower on blasting in order to get warm and on longer drives my legs and feet are freezing when I get to my destination. Any advice?
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Maybe this is a silly question (I can't seem to find an answer by searching) - what is a good simply power supply to use with a shelly 1 - I'm going to be controlling a garage door opening, and my craftsman does not have its own 24v output, so I'm going to use something external. Thx
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2022.01.22 13:49 JohanMike101 Sites que vieram diretamente dos anos 2000

Link para uma escola de arte que é minimamente irônico
Site oficial do filme The Room (aquele the room)
Antigo site do George R.R Martin (2012)
Site da KCL Productions
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2022.01.22 13:49 DEVIL-HUNTER-IQ 120FPS with remote play??

So I have a ps5 and I heard that the coming Uncharted game is gonna support 120fps the thing is I don’t have a 120fps display but I do have an IPAD PRO that does support 120hz so I was wondering If it’s possible to get 120fps in the remote play app on the ipad? Or is 60fps the maximum for streaming?
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2022.01.22 13:49 CurrentRisk Which other shooter games are you playing?

Cannot believe this game hasn’t been fixed yet after so long, lol.
I have no hopes for this game unfortunately. Won’t be buying any other CoD game though, this was the first and last game ever bought of them.
So, which other shooter games similar to CoD games are you playing (preferred Single PlayeCampaign).
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