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2021.12.08 00:59 Trowj WHO IS GIVING AWAY ALL THE CHALK??

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2021.12.08 00:59 Cheesecake_Different After 15 years my wife has passed iam 42 now is there still anything out there

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2021.12.08 00:59 DankestTaco I think I stripped this screw….. what now

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2021.12.08 00:59 Top_Manner_8130 Pushing out KSE?

I have been an Arsenal supporter for the last 20 years and I think our decline is primarily driven by:

  1. Financial constraints from building a new stadium
  2. Incorrect stewardship of the owners
Examples of #2 include
  1. Keeping AW as the manager for longer than necessary and/or not putting a good structure around him - looking at the last 4 years, you can see how fantastic a job AW did
  2. Either investing too much or too little - making a mess of player transfers - we had a period where we bought players like Chamakh - didn’t sell Ozil/ Sanchez at the right time - situation with Pepe
  3. Player contracts have been a mess - paying too much for mediocre players, letting players run down their contracts
  4. Hiring - Directors of Football who mess up - Coaches who put together teams that play just shitty football (never mind winning)
Arsenal will only be successful if KSE moves out and we get owners who actually care. We can belittle oligarchs and Arabian princes, but at least they know how to invest.
What can we do to hurt the owners? 1. Stop going to games 2. Stop buying merchandise 3. Stop watching the games 4. Not generate indirect revenue through YouTube videoes etc
Question is if we are willing to do it?
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2021.12.08 00:59 jamcesbennett Spielberg is on the phone and he needs a fresh idea. What are you pitching to him?

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2021.12.08 00:59 Marmaladefloat Is the Panasonic RX-sa60 a good starting portable player?

I want to get into tape collecting but I'm unsure of what playewalkman to use since I want to get a good player with good audio quality. I've seen the RX-sa60 on listing but can't find any info about the audio quality and general specs. Any advice?
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2021.12.08 00:59 classicbased What is a good reason to upgrade your phone these days?

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2021.12.08 00:59 YoungBoyWonder [US-TX] [H] ePBT x GOK BoW Keycap Set [W] PayPal

I recently received a new keycap set, so I'm moving on from this one. Used for a couple of months, no shine, like new. Shipped in its original box and trays. I believe these are the round 1 version of these keycaps.
EPBT x GOK BoW - $85 Shipped to CONUS in original trays and box
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2021.12.08 00:59 Even_Cheesecake2902 The funniest thing I’ve ever jerked off to!!

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2021.12.08 00:59 UnrulySasquatch1 Some thoughts on Algorand

Let me preface this comment by saying I was sceptical if posting here in fear of being labeled as FUD and dismissed. This post started as a comment and I was specifically asked to post it here to have it addressed. So if some of the ordequotes seem out of place, that is why.
Full disclosure, I hold some crypto, but no ALGO and no plans to purchase any at this point in time.
please let me explain before you downvote out of reaction. I know Algo is a community favorite, and yes, I have read the white paper and many other resources to try to understand. I have spent multiple hours researching the topic, but I know there is plenty I don't know or that I may have misunderstood. If you feel that I got something wrong, please, please let me know and include a source. My goal is to understand, not to spread FUD
How many proposers are there?
With Algo, this isn't a super easy question to answer. So we will estimate with what info we do have.
Currently there are less than 100 proposers that have proposed 10 or more blocks since 11/8 and about 300 that have proposed at least one block. With the highest 10 proposing accounts proposing almost 200,000 blocks. Just 18 proposers have more than half of the proposed blocks. We can't know for certain, but it seems like these 18 proposers likely have over 50% of the Algo that is running a block producer. That isn't really an issue in itself, but worth being aware of.
We can see the balance of the top 10 proposers (one proposer recently sent out 60M Algo, so I included that extra 60M in that address's account total), about 843M Algo. And we know they make up about 34% of all block proposals. With that info, we can extrapolate to estimate a total amount of Algo block proposers as ~2.5b. using Algo's total circulating supply of 6.3b, this comes out to 39.5% of all Algo running a block proposer.
From this, we can see that if 20% of Algo holders were block proposers and malicious actors, they would control the network. This isn't inherently a problem, but, it is far from the websites claim of needing the majority of the economy to be bad actors. A majority of a quorum of proposers is more accurate., To me, this is misleading to investors who aren't willing to dig quite a lot.

Algorand’s PPoS approach ties the security of the whole economy to the honesty of the majority of the economy, rather than to that of a small subset of the economy. The system is secure when most of the money is in honest hands. With other approaches (outlined below), a small subset of the economy determines the security of the whole economy, which means just a few users can prevent other users from transacting. In Algorand, it is impossible for the owners of a small fraction of the money to harm the whole system, and it would be foolish for the owners of the majority of the money to misbehave as it would diminish the currency’s purchasing power and ultimately devalue their own assets.
What percent of validators realistically could attack the network?
Ok, moving on. With your numbers (from the comment I replied to)
Hence, the committee which votes on the blocks has size approximated by a Poisson distribution with mean 2990. The threshold for reaching consensus is 2267 votes.
What you are saying is we need 2267 votes to reach a quorum, of which greater than 50% is needed to certify a block. You calculated this as 1148, so I will use that number, but I calculate it as 1134.
I won't argue that with 20% of the proposers you basically would never get anything done. The chances are too small. However, bump up to 1/3 of the block proposers and your odds of having enough malicious votes to cause disruption jumps up to 1.301E-6.
This seems really small, but with 19,200 blocks per day, the odds of having this occur are 2.4% (IE 2.4% of any given day you can attack the network successfully at least once.) About 9 times per year.
Now let's looks back at our previous calculation. 39.5% of all Algo is running a block producer and it takes only 33% of that to successfully attack the network -> 13.2% of all Algo. Far from the majority.
I don't think this makes Algo all too vulnerable, but I don't like how the creators imply you would need a majority of all Algo to attack the network.
Penalties and rewards
Alright, so what happens when you do attack the network? Everyone knows and you lose your coins right? Wrong. Algo has no penalties for proposing incorrect blocks. So once a malicious actor accumulates enough to attack the network, nothing can be done to stop them from attacking again (besides more honest proposers coming online or a fork to remove their coins -assuming they had their coins easily traced and not in separate wallets)
Will the numbers ever improve? Maybe. Obviously no one can know the future, but proponents of Algo claim that any major users (especially corporate) of Algo will run block proposers in the future. But there are no rewards for doing so begone what you get for simply holding Algo. This hadn't happened with places that accept Bitcoin running nodes for the most part, so I am more sceptical. To me, this is a tragedy of the commons where without rewarding honest block proposers, you will eventually see the number of coins with proposers diminish. (This is a long term effect, thinking 10-50 years down the road not within the next year or two.
In short, no Algo does not have this solved and your reasoning to say they do is bad. Let me explain.
We already discussed security, but you bring up bribing and DDoS attacks. I agree that Algorand's one secret proposal and reveal method is great for this. It prevents bribing of the proposer and DDoS attacks against the proposer. However, it doesn't prevent bribing altogether. A proposer that cares only about money, would be bribed if the bribe was more than the cost. The cost to attack the network is 0 Algo because there are no penalties, however, that is not the full story. The price of Algo would likely drop as well if the network was attacked so you have that cost as well. This next argument is weak, and not the main point, but I will leave it here anyway. An attacker hurts everyone as much as they themselves are hurt, which could be used against proposers to join them. (I have enough Algo to attack the network, it will just take some time. Join me and I will pay you $X. If you don't I'll attack the network anyway and you'll lose money with no benefit).
I'm mostly frustrated by the claim that a majority of the network is necessary to attack the network. Above I showed that it can be done successfully attacked multiple times per year with just 13.2% of Algo supply.
Algorand solves part of the security trilemma, but not the entirety. (I would love to see rewards paid to block proposers - this would greatly alleviate some of the concerns, like incentivizing users to run a block proposer)
It takes only a microsecond for any user to run the ‘lottery’, no matter how many tokens they have. Also, since all lotteries are run independently of each other, nodes don’t need to wait for other nodes to finish doing something first. This can happen concurrently across all nodes.
Once selected, the members propagate a single short message to the rest of the network. So no matter how many users are on the network, only a few thousand messages need to be propagated across the network. This is highly scalable.
Selection of validators was never the limiting factor. 5-10 second block times are possible with bitcoin, but undesirable for other reasons. With any PoS or dPoS based chain you could have very fast blocks and even de-synced blocks. Processing power, Network limitations and most importantly Blockchain storage are the limiting factors. While Algorand alleviates the network usage aspect as you mention, it does nothing to alleviate processing needs and storage needs. Algorand does not solve the scalability portion of the trilemma
There are not a few users deciding on what the next block will be. Nor is there a fixed committee which makes this decision every time. The committee is chosen randomly and securely, and doesn’t require much computational power at all. This allows everyone on the network to have a chance of being in the committee and voting on the next block.
Sure, there is a random chance of anyone proposing a block but there is still a small number that control the network (18 addresses have 50% of the voting power). Plus with no additional rewards, why would someone with a small stack spin up a block proposer?
Is it decentralized? Sure, mostly. But giving rewards to block proposers would help bring more block proposers to the table and would help retain the proposers that are there currently.
TLDR rewards and penalties for honest and malicious block producers would go a long way and scalability is still unsolved for Algo.
I know this is a long post, but please read before you downvote. Please let me know if anything is wrong or miscalculated - I am only human. If something is wrong, please post a link and I will update the post and my mind.
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2021.12.08 00:59 pete53832 Dumb question - can I autospread my troops?

Hey all,
So I'm playing as the Soviet Union. Got lots troops everyway, many in areas of poor supply. Is there any way to tell them "Hey guys, go find some supply and just chill there, no need to starve when the world tension is 0%"?
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2021.12.08 00:59 microscopicwheaties (depictions of bl••d and SH) rushed vent piece, self portrait. slowly added bits and pieces to this. 2020-2021.

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2021.12.08 00:59 Nomad_76 Asus gtx 750 ti for media player?

I’m starting a new pc build for streaming media around my house maybe even multiple screens. I’m looking for 1080p minimum and was wondering if it was capable of doing what I need. Also wondering if it possibly could do 1440p streaming and stream across multiple devices. If not any other recommendations for a decent priced gpu?
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2021.12.08 00:59 ManateeArrow Still working on it, Anymore ideas?

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2021.12.08 00:59 ilovesam4572 Why are K-road staff so rude?

Went shopping today, and every single retail store/eatery I went to the staff was so rude! They look like they would rather be run over by a car than be there. Has anyone had this experience?
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2021.12.08 00:59 thefakist Dancing near Fremont st

My gf and I (late 30s) are looking for a place to go dancing tonight 12/7. Anyone have recommendations?
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2021.12.08 00:59 ilovep2019 Any hacks on walking in heels for a newbie?

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2021.12.08 00:59 davidsterry Discontinuation of Privacy Browser Free

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2021.12.08 00:59 Handsomesailor Hi i have a olympus stylus zoom 115. I just got it in the mail today and whenever i try to take a picture a green and orange light comes up and it won’t let me take one and the entire camera just freezes up. Does anyone know whats going on?

Hi i have a olympus stylus zoom 115. I just got it in the mail today and whenever i try to take a picture a green and orange light comes up and it won’t let me take one and the entire camera just freezes up. Does anyone know whats going on? submitted by Handsomesailor to filmcameras [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 00:59 Capt-slim If anyone needs a quick out to not go to work tomorrow, feel free to use this pic of my tire that I’m definitely using as an excuse lol

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2021.12.08 00:59 eggyolk_idea CTA why cta

Is there any way to fix the glitch where when i open up an ammo box, i only get 20x pistol ammo? how do i get MY ACTUAL AMMO?
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2021.12.08 00:59 lukeyk94 Cute Bots is my first animated pixel art project! Each adorable robot is unique hand made and I create 2-3 a day. @cutebotsnft on Twitter

Cute Bots is my first animated pixel art project! Each adorable robot is unique hand made and I create 2-3 a day. @cutebotsnft on Twitter submitted by lukeyk94 to opensea [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 00:59 beandawg12 Lil Wayne is the best rapper from the south of all time

Debate me
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2021.12.08 00:59 Kween99 What are the odds of the Ariana skins returning to the shop?

New to the game, so sad I missed her! Not sure how often these type of skins come back.
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2021.12.08 00:59 Cowcite New Player needs a good community :")

Hey everyone! Welcome to the post you have probably seen on this subreddit a million times. I am a new player to fighting games all together and just picked up GGS on black Friday. Put it in my PS5 today super excited when I realized I have no idea how to play a fighting game. Currently I'm working through the missions, but I'm still very lost on what I should be focusing on or what I should be learning next. I would greatly appreciate either suggestions on some tutorials to watch or a nice discord community of some sort to join to develop my skills as a player. Oh and im also looking for a character. I heard Giovanna was good and easy to learn but I am also interested in Ramlethal. Do you think she would be difficult for someone who is new to fighting games to understand. Anyways thanks for any suggestions and I look forward to getting beat by you all online lol.
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