What are some things to try to spice up shooting at the same venue often?

2021.12.08 01:29 Narya9 What are some things to try to spice up shooting at the same venue often?

From a small town so there aren’t a lot of wedding venues so I tend to shoot at the same one pretty often and I feel stuck in a bit of a creative rut. Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation before. What are some things you’ve tried out or experimented with (or recommendations!) to mix it up?
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2021.12.08 01:29 buenaondachingada 21 [F4R] Watching videos of people getting angry

It's 5:30am and I have nothing better to do. Let's talk? Send age and username and I'll message you 😊😊
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2021.12.08 01:29 Short_Year7353 Undertale Pacifist Route but it’s my crappy Voice message

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2021.12.08 01:29 PriorDeal410 Does the PS3 read PS2 discs? If so which models?

Can't get a reliable answer online
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2021.12.08 01:29 Cataclysm687 Best comment decided what I try to do as a cingerbread structure!

I wanna make a gingerbread structure, but something not conventional! Either way something cool or out of place or context
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2021.12.08 01:29 _PretendEye_ Ironic member leaving/disbandment songs

I was just watching iKON's Goodbye Road dance practice when it hit me once again how ironic it is that that was the left comeback before B.I left. So to turn my bitterness into humor, I thought I'd make a mini compilations of songs that came out just before the group's disbandment or just before a member left which turned ironic/funny after the event.

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2021.12.08 01:29 IamADoor1012 baby

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2021.12.08 01:29 svanapps r/binance - Noob question for Canadians. How do I transfer my Doge from Binance to Crypto.com?

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2021.12.08 01:29 yex-thelp I have a drug test tomorrow from my parents for thc.

Unsure of the exact type but I know it will be urine and presumed just a strip test, I tok a hit of a dab pen like 3 times in the last week (sunday most recently) and before that I had taken around a 10 day break from weed, before that I would say I used it modertly often. Am I just fucked? I have a fast metabolism and could get my hands on detox drinks is this worth it?
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2021.12.08 01:29 Moszzz Can u help me for team comp?

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2021.12.08 01:29 codes04 Can't create new APN

I just upgraded to OOS and it has disabled my mobile data. After research it was because it changed my APN settings for Koodo. To fix this I'm suppose to make a new APN. The problem is when I try to it automatically adds in the "dun" APN type. I get an error message saying "operator doesn't allow creating dun APN type". Even if I delete this type and try to save again I get the same error with it automatically filled in again. Anyone know how to fix this?
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2021.12.08 01:29 dryerfresh Prepping for my sleep study in three weeks and I feel like I am losing my mind.

I did a sleep study four hours from home in July, but the doctor did not take me off of either of my anxiety meds or my stimulants. Ended up with sleep latency of 0.8, but no SOREMS.
Got a new doc in my town, he tells me he thinks I have N2, but that since my sleep study went against AASM guidelines (there were some other things too), we need to do it again. Not ideal, but fine. I have been tapering off my meds for about 6 weeks, and have felt okay. I am taking next week off work with medical leave because this weekend I am stopping modafinil and Ritalin. I am a teacher, and preparing for being gone for a week is incredibly stressful even under the best conditions, but this week there are about 15 metaphorical fires i have to put out, plus the med drop is catching up with me.
I can’t sleep at night, I can’t stay awake at home after work to work, I am irritable and anxious and physically sick, and I still have three days left this week. With my anxiety this high, I am convinced that my sleep study will just be an EEG readout that says “Fuck you in particular. You’re lazy. That’s what wrong with you.”
I just feel crazy all the time. Always so tired and confused. I don’t know how to keep going.
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2021.12.08 01:29 Memez-Boy My Freind and I have the Same Crush (He Doesn't know)

So me(M) and my Freind who we'll call Jordie(M) have been really good friends for a while now and a couple weeks ago our crush(F) heard rumors that he likes her. She confronted him about it and he told her it was true and if he could get her #. She gave him her # and I was the first person he came to tell. I was happy for him yet and the same I couldn't help but feel shattered. It didn't help that I was planning to ask her out that same day, but I still congratulated him. 4 weeks have passed since then and he told me he's losing interest & she's different than he expected. Whenever She and I have seats in class near eachother we mess around and I didn't think much of it but last class she was bored and asked me to write/doodle on her hand. I grabbed her hand and pulled it close to make it easier but but while I was writing I swear I felt a light squeeze 1 or 2. Normally I would take that as a signal but she is a very outgoing person and it doesn't seem out of the ordinary for her to do that to someone. Despite all the fun we have, when we are in a large(r) group such as with friends she acts normal. I want to ask her out but I don't know if my friend is still into her, I don't want to tell him I like her either because I don't want him to feel pressured to make a decision since they still text. What do I do?
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2021.12.08 01:29 decs483 Interview with u/Xolaya

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2021.12.08 01:29 InTheAM_Gaming New Competitive League

Hey guys. I am thinking about starting a competitive league. It's in the early planning stages right now but I would love to start something up soon!
In order to have a league I need teams. It is completely free to join. I would like to have eight to start out, but will be willing to have four. If you or someone you know is interested please let me know!!!
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2021.12.08 01:29 Competitive-Stuff863 Entry Level IT Software Developer

Hey everyone. I was recently hired by GM for the Entry Level IT position as a Software Engineer, and I'm stoked! I was wondering if anyone in the same position or who is currently working at the company has any information on the tech stack/primary programming language being used at and how to prepare before getting there.
P.S. feel free to hit me up to connect; would love to meet some fellow GMers💯
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2021.12.08 01:29 Abject_Delay_7495 🚀GoldenDogRun | $BUSD Rewards | Locked Liquidity | Anti-Whale System | Play-To-Earn-Mobile Game | Huge Marketing | 1000x potential 🚀

🚀GoldenDogRun $GDR | A decentralized Hyper deflationary earn-to-play mobile NFT game that offers 7% of BUSD rewards from each transaction to all of the holders of the token. A first of it’s kind project that offers the best of all worlds. NFT, gaming, passive income and mobile entertainment.Oh yeah, did we mention that there is a prize pool in the game? 🚀

👉$GDR rewards his hodler with 7% $BUSD every 60 min.💸
🔒Locked Liquidity🔒
📣Big Marketing spendings📣
🎮Play-To-Earn-Mobile-Game in Development🎮
🙅‍♂️Not another Meme-Coin🙅‍♂️
🤑The only problem you're gonna have is, that you didn't buy more. 🤑

1,000,000,000 $GDR

Contract: 0xde3ebf5876ddd5586d7bd5b6f5b36dbdf0fcc318
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xde3ebf5876ddd5586d7bd5b6f5b36dbdf0fcc318
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xde3ebf5876ddd5586d7bd5b6f5b36dbdf0fcc318#readContract
🔒LIQUIDITY LOCK : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x799ea9692BAA936268014d87ad939B0Cc90aD2cB
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2021.12.08 01:29 Joel22222 F/A-18 flameouts

Only used this a few times. Twice the left engine has gone out mid flight. First time thought it might have from de accelerating with speed brake and no throttle too fast after some high G flying.
But this second time I was messing around with autopilot and was at FL420 going full afterburner. Then throttled back to 50% and woosh. No more engine. Fell about 30,000 before I got it restarted. Tried searching for what causes it but don’t think I’m using the right terms for it because I’m not finding anything.
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2021.12.08 01:29 Gooch_Sack This really is a “hot” pocket

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2021.12.08 01:29 Environmental-Hawk (WTS) My new Snach 😻(FL)

Up for sale is my new take off Snach! Griffin armament Suppressor Normalized Ambi Charging handle. Tired of all that stinky gas in your face? Try my Snach! I think you’ll love it.
$80 shipped
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2021.12.08 01:29 MarcheMuldDerevi Bells lineage going forward

Do you people want Bell’s family to play a role in his growth for the story going forward? Like do you want his lineage with the Hera and Zeus Familia to show up in a big way and explain his power up growth. Or do you want to stick with the whole hero who started with nothing and went on to become something vibe?
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2021.12.08 01:29 NoahxDXD Rabbit Care

Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone knew of any places or people that care for rabbits in Colorado, specifically Boulder county or Denver. I moved out here not too long ago and I am going home for Christmas and need somewhere for my bun to stay or something of the sorts. Any help is appreciated thanks!
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2021.12.08 01:29 Turbulent_Youth_8282 Beards

So, what exactly is the point of beards? Is there some root to the Old Ways with them or was it merely a cultural thing?
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2021.12.08 01:29 stickysicky666 the eternal joy of becoming, a work alternative

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2021.12.08 01:29 EpicShovel Are we gonna start defending Luka now that r/NBA is calling him a fat crybaby? Discuss.

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