Hunt Down The Finch - I wrote a fanfic :D

2021.10.27 12:15 MikeTheAnt11 Hunt Down The Finch - I wrote a fanfic :D

Before we start with the fans and the fictions, just want to clear out a few things. First, no, u/throwawayforEPfanfic, there'll be no snoo snoo. Sorry to disappoint. Second, this being an EP Fanfic there are gonna obviously be OC's (the infamous Original Characters), but not in the usual way, since The Freelancer will not be the focus here - you'll see... They will definetelly not be some random power fantasy channeling protagonists, but merely a mean to tell The Freelancer's story from a new perspective. Third, this isn't quite complete. It will leave space for a series of sorts, although I'll probably not give this continuation if I'm not satisfied with what I write.
After this brief introduction, ladies and gentleman, we shall begin the show!

Hunt Down The Finch ye this title a joke with hunt down the freeman
The night of January 27th, 2012 left the Headquarters quite agitated, and not for a good reason. At around midnight, the office received a emergency alert coming from the Dawn Valley Defense Labs, located in Phoenix, AZ. After that alert, a brief momment of panic took over every soul present in the large room in the tenth floor, men and women suited up running around the place from cubicle to cubicle, phones ringing, voices loudly speaking one over the other. Amongst the chaos in the HQ, however, a protocol was being followed. Part of that protocol was to send a team of agents to the Phoenix Police Department to assure no classified documments had leaked.

Agent Owen opened his eyes, laying in his bed confortably. His phone, on top of the bedside table, was ringing, the faint light coming of the screen painted the whole bedroom with a light tone of blue. Owen mumbled something under his breath as he reached for the phone. Incoming call: Director. He slid his finger on the screen to answer the call.
- Owen, good night. We've got an emergency. Need you out in... - A brief silence took over. Those couple of secconds felt like an eternity - a hour. You'll be flying out.
- What do you mean... emergency...? - He asked, the confusion and sleepyness coming off very clear on his voice.
- Dawn Valley, in Phoenix. We don't know much yet, I'll update you on anything we get.
Owen grunted as he moved arround to sit on the edge of the bed, still trying to wake up properly.
- Oh, and you'll be heading out with Lee and Derek.
The phone played a note and then went silent. Owen lowered his arm and left the phone right besides him on the bed. He sighed, puting his hands over his face. After a few momments thinking about what was about to begin, he got up and started his morning ritual at 00:03. He felt like dying. After spending a whole week barelly getting any sleep, he'd finally got the time. And now this.
After a quick shower to wake him up properly and a rushed meal, Owen was in the back of a taxi, wearing a gray suit. He'd packed some clothing, enough to spend a couple of days in Arizona, and the suitcase with those was in the trunk. The driver had a thin beard around his chin, around his thirties. The trip was silent, save the ocasional car coming the opposite way.

As Owen entered the plane, two heads turned to face him, Agent Lee and Derek, an IT expert. Owen greeted both with a nod and took a sit. Lee was reading something inside a folder, and Owen guessed it was related to the incident. Everyone kept in an uncanny silence for an unconfortable ammount of time. After the take off, Lee put the files down and adressed Owen.
- So, what do you think about it?
- Dawn Valley? I don't know, didn't get anything on that yet...
- Oh... Makes sense, the office was a hellhole since the news broke. - she packed the files and handed over - here, take a look.
Owen started browsing the pages.
- An explosion? Was it some sort of accident?
- No, we've got confirmation it was intentional. A group of masked people invaded the building and went straight to Onyx. They uploaded a virus to the system and blew a good part of the place up.
- Oh... That's... bad... You think it was some international atack? Russia, China, maybe?
- I have no idea yet, but that would make sense.
- I don't know, we've got an image of those guys, they didn't look military - Derek barged in - I think it might have come from inside...
Owen and Lee stare at him for a seccond.
- Yeah, maybe...
They spent the rest of the flight only ocasionally speaking. Owen kept immersed in the files.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Police Department had just sent out Officers Jackson and Philips to a trafic accident in the Tonto National Forest, along with a team of paramedics. Arriving at the scene, the officers were ready to start the standard protocol when they noticed the license plate - or, better put, the lack of one. Jackson signaled for the paramedics to back off while he called in about the van turned over in front of them. Philips grabed a gun in the trunk of the car and slowly aproached it. There were two masked men in the outside, both shot dead, a pool of blod arround each of them. The front of the vehicle had beem severelly damaged by whatever fliped it. Philips slowly moved towards the back of the van, that was open, one of the doors laying a few meters from it. Inside, there was another masked person, struggling to breathe and covered in blood. Philips signaled to the paramedics and removed the welding mask on their face. He stared at the red-haired woman in her thirties in front of him for a second, before backing off and contacting the Police Department.

Arriving at Phoenix, Arizona at around 2:45 A.M., the group sent by the FBI left the airport to be welcomed by a police officer, proped up on the car behind him. He stood upright to greet the group as soon as he saw them.
- Officer Baker, at your services! - He exclaimed, smiling. - They sent me to wait for you, guys. Feds sent you 'cause of Dawn Valley, right?
- Yeah, standard protocol. - Lee said, in a monotonous tone - There's stuff there that souldn't be open for the public eye.
- I understand, yes. - The four of them stood there for a seccond. - Okay, we've got to go. There's some stuff you need to know, hop in the car. - Baker finally said, walking over to the driver side.
The group hopped in, owen at the front, besides Baker, Lee and Derek in the back. Baker started driving before Derek could even fasten the seatbelt.
- So, a couple of hours ago we were called in for a crash. As soon as our unit got there, they recognised the van as the one used by the atackers ate Dawn Valley. Two of the men from the atack had been shot dead by the time they arrived, and a third one, a woman in her thirties, was left there, wounded and semi-conscious. She was rushed to the hospital.
- Wait, what? - Lee asked. - What happened?
- We're begining to think they were hired criminals, mercenaries. - Baker followed up, ignoring Lee's question.
- You think someone in there got greedy? Killed the crew to get the paymment for themselves? - Derek inquired.
- It's a possibility, but we've only got confirmation of three individuals in the strike. We're checking traffic and security cameras in the general area to try and fint out something.
- How do you know only three guys were there? - Lee asked.
- There was a camera on the other side of the street. Three people left the van, three people entered the van a half hour later. - Baker answered, in a slightely hostile tone.
Silence reigned in the car for some time, until it was broken by Lee:
- Don't mention her in any reports.
- What...? - Officer Baker said, confused.
- The woman. Don't mention her. We're gonna take her into custody.
Baker blurted out a "Of course" under his breath.
- Hey... Can you leave me near a hotel... or something...? - Derek said, slowly. - I'll be staying for a few weeks, working with the Dawn Valley team to recover anything that could be usefull...
Baker noded.

Arriving at the Phoenix Police Department, Lee went straight for a phone call. She was contacting her superiors to discuss the detainment of the woman foudn in the crash. She was instructed to wait by the hospital:
- We'll be sending Steel Cove out for this, we don't want it in official records. Wait by the hospital, they'll arrive in a few hours to do the transport. After that, go back the standard protocol.
She told Owen about her new instructions and headed out in a car lended to her. Owen stayed there until about 3:30 A.M., when he finished interrogating the personel that responded to the incident. By the time he was done, picture of the person responsible for the crash had surfaced and was already stored in the evidence locker. The picture was taken from a security camera near the site of the crash, and showed a man with a combat vest and an eypatch, gray hair. The little of his body that was exposed seemed to be covered in scars. He was carrying what seemed to be a M79 Thumper, explaining the absurd damage to the van.
Owen walked over to the hotel where Baker left Derek and rented a room. He'd get a few hours of sleep and go back to the police department to finish his report, get verything PPD had on Dawn Valley and go back to Washington.

Owen woke up naturaly, and late. He found two missed calls from Lee and rushed to get ready to head to the PD. In about twenty minutes, he was arriving. As he entered, he was greeted by Lee.
- Owen, what in the...? Where have you been? It's almos 11 P.M.!
- I'm sorry, I overslept... The week's been rough...
Lee looked him up and down. She noded to sgnal her understanding and sat down to finish her report. Owen sat in a desk opposite to lee and started writing. He spent almost an hour on his report when Lee invited him to go get lunch, which Owen promptly accepted. It was a good offer, considering he had not eaten in almost eight hours.
Coming back half an hour later, Owen went straight back to his report. He spent two whole hours transcribing his notes to the official document. As soon as he was finished, he stored it along with Lee's and adressed a young officer making some small talk with a coleague.
- Hey, you, we're heading out soon. Go grab everything you have on yesterdays incident.
- Of course sir. I'll be right back. - the young man answered, promptly running to the evidence locker.
Owen watched as he disappeared into the staircase that lead to the seccond floor. He waited by that man's desk for about two minutes, when he started to get impacient. He headed upstairs to deal with that himself.
On top of the stairs, he took a turn to head to evidence locker, going through a little balcony that oversaw the bottom flor, full of uniformed man talking and carrying things arround. While walking through there, slightely unaware of his surroundings, he bumped into another officer, with black hair and wrinkled clothes. He shoved Owen to the side, who stoped for a second, insulting the man in his thoughts. He continued walking until he got to a door. He tried to open it, but met resistance from the other side. There was something heavy proped against the base of the door. Owen forced a little more, and managed to open it. He entered the room and stood in awe, staring at the the man he had sent there a few moments ago, laying there with a wound to the head.
Owen ran back to the balcony, hearing tire squealing coming from outside, and proped up against the banister, shouting:
- We've got an unconscious officer up here, I need help, now!
Owen then followedinto the stairs, ready to fly down, but stoped when he saw a fire exit wide open. He ran out, to an empty back alley, tire marks on the ground.
- Fuck... - Mumbled Owen. - This complicates things.

By the end of the afternoon, Owen and Lee sat at a cafe. Owen was distraught, Lee once again buried in files.
- It's not your fault, Owen. - Lee said, not raising her eyes from the sheaf of paper in front of her.
- What?
- You couldn't have known.
- I... No, that's not what I'm worried about... Lee, did they get a picture of that guy I saw?
Lee quickly looked to her partner and started searching amongst the files. Whe grabed something and handed over.
- Here. It's all we've got. He got caught on a camera before tampering with it.
Owen checked the picture, and stared at it for a long minute before handing it back to Lee, a faint smile on his face.
- Son of a bitch... - Owen said, before laughing a bit.
- What do you mean...? - Lee inquired, confused and concerned.
- This guy... I worked on his case once. We've got him involved in crimes all over the country. First time we identified him was in a gold heis in arizona, 2007. We lost his trail around 2009 and I eventually got into this team. Never got over not catching him though.
Lee sat in silence, paying close atention to Owen.
- I need to make a call. Many calls, actually.
- Who?
- We got one of Finch's crew members. Harvey Brooks. He's being kept at USP Tuscon. We'll be tlking to him. Get him to identify the guy.
- Wait, how... - Lee started to formulate a question, but stopped as soon as she realised Owen was already running to go outside.
Owen took out his phone and started the call as the sun set in the west, tainting the sky in orange.

To be continued... if I become satisfied with this fanfic cause I'm not liking it
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