Queen of Water by Sutthiwat Dechakamphu

2021.10.27 12:27 Blood-n-Cheese Queen of Water by Sutthiwat Dechakamphu

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2021.10.27 12:27 Greedy-Plum-5132 Spoiler Question:

Do you think Ciel is a half-shinigami? I read such a theory somewhere. Because he noticed the shinigamis when he shouldn't have. And maybe the Undertaker is one of his ancestors.
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2021.10.27 12:27 Affectionate-Run-989 Liminal Security Patrol (Earlham)

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2021.10.27 12:27 Zhix4444 18M convinced it's impossible to get new friends here 😔

So I met a lot of nice people here, but our conversations didn't really last long at most a couple of days. This will probably be my last try for a long time.
Anyways, I do like a lot of generic things: anime, movies, gaming. Watching and playing sports has always been a big part of my life. I like almost every sport, even the ones I'm not involved in.
That's all, if you made it this far you might aswell pm me. If you do so, a little introduction of yourself would go a long way.
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2021.10.27 12:27 International_Band72 I really doubt he will ever do a post match interview again

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2021.10.27 12:27 feigning- What do you refuse to believe?

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2021.10.27 12:27 ShortAlgo $OSTK Awaiting Short Signal. Algo Trading by UltraAlgo.com

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2021.10.27 12:27 happycoinclub Поразивший многих бычьим движением токен Shiba Inu наращивает объёмы торгов. По словам одного из популярных криптоаналитиков Ларка Дэвиса, Shiba Inu превзошёл по числу сделок Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE) и XRP (XRP). https://twitter.com/TheCryptoLark/status/1453200128068648965?

Поразивший многих бычьим движением токен Shiba Inu наращивает объёмы торгов. По словам одного из популярных криптоаналитиков Ларка Дэвиса, Shiba Inu превзошёл по числу сделок Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE) и XRP (XRP). https://twitter.com/TheCryptoLark/status/1453200128068648965? submitted by happycoinclub to NewsHappycoinClub [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 12:27 sunnyberrys My (36f) depression is stopping me from being adventurous, and because of it my boyfriend (34m) loves me less.

My boyfriend and I are having huge issues and we don’t know what to do. We are in a long distance relationship and when we met a year ago, we fell in love with our common vision of life, job and family. It was so special to the both of us. He loved how adventurous I was, how I loved to travel. I have lived in 8 countries, speak 5 languages and have been on several world travels which I told him about, and he was fascinated.
However, I am going through a tough divorce, my toxic parents stopped talking to me and I am coping with childhood sexual abuse- all of which have cumulated in me getting panic attacks when I travel and a depression. This started a few weeks into dating my boyfriend. So, I had to stop my travels and am seeing a therapist and am trying medication. As I am financially stable through a previous successful career- I took some time off from everything and am focusing on my mental health.
Since I can’t travel anymore, my boyfriend is the one who needs to come to my city (3hr drive). I pay any expenses. I treat ourselves to massages, nice dinners, SPA days, shopping time. I thought this was a fair deal, but he feels he is the only one currently putting any effort into this relationship. He feels very lonely.
In the last weeks, he has been pulling back a lot and we hardly text or call. This made me feel very lonely because to me the essence of a relationship is this interpersonal aspect, integrating someone to your life, wanting to talk to the other person about random thoughts or getting advice. Laughing with each other. And in a long distance relationship, this is done via texts and calls- and exactly how we started off this relationship.
We just had a long conversation about it and he told me that I am not the person I told him I was. He fell in love with an adventurous version of me which he has only heard of in stories. The true me he is now with, has a depression, stays home and is anything but adventurous. He says he is in „waiting mode“ for me to feel better and prove him wrong, but during this time he says he feels emotionally disconnected and doesn’t feel the strong passionate desire anymore. Bottom line: He can’t give me what I long for in a relationship, i can’t give him what he longs for.
I am very problem solving oriented, but I honestly don’t know what to do here. I can’t do more than work on me as hard as I can but it takes time. Time in which our relationship is happening, but not in a way that makes us happy.
What advice can you give us?
Tl;DR I used to be adventurous but am having personal problems and developed a depression/ anxiety and can’t travel. As a consequence, my boyfriend is pulling back emotionally because he feels lonely. This makes me feel lonely and we don’t know what to do?
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2021.10.27 12:27 zerohijak Fun People - Masticar

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2021.10.27 12:27 gme_stnk Need advice on upgrading legacy app and developer environment setup moving forward

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2021.10.27 12:27 Constant-Internet490 🐶Shiba Dash just launched!, 💸 6% Shiba Rewards 🔥 (Fair Launch, LP Locked for 1 Year), Missed Doge Dash? Don’t miss this one! 🟡

About us?
We are the best thing to happen to rewards tokens to date. We see ourselves as a long-term project and plan to work extraordinarily hard to deliver for our holders. Based on our project $ShibaDash rewards will be awarded in $SHIB. Therefore if you simply hold tokens 6% of rewards will be allotted in $SHIB
Here at $ShibaDash, our goal is simple. We want to truly reward our holders. Most other reward tokens give out small rewards and they don’t really make it worthwhile to hold their token. We want to change all that. We’ve been working incredibly hard to find creative ways to make the best rewards token we possibly can. So here’s what we’re doing to change the game.
Now on top of all this we also have a really neat buy-back staking feature we’re going to be implementing at launch. After every buy and sell, 1% of the transaction is sent to a wallet. This wallet keeps building, then at a desired amount, we stake the holdings of the wallet. After staking is finished we use these funds to purchase $ShibaDash in times of low volume or during dips. Then these tokens are reflected back to our holders. That is three separate ways we reward you for buying and being a loyal holder.
Coming in the following months after launch, we plan to release our own re-loadable crypto credit card! From our Rewards Hub, you will be able to choose the card as an option and the instantly have your rewards sent to the card in a usable currency. You will be able to make purchases anywhere that a regular credit card would be accepted.
So surely you don’t want to miss out on our up coming presale, this is one true gem of a project. Be sure to join our telegram group and follow us on twitter for all the latest information!
Marketing Plan
💰We will have a large marketing push at this point and advertise EVERYWHERE, we aleready have a huge budged collected from external investors. Once we get some holders and some volume flowing, we are planning to apply on CoinGecko and we will have great exposure there. We have plans for billboards, websites, online literature website, and buy votes for every crypto charting and ranking platforms. After a successful push we hope to have roughly High active members in our Telegram group. 💪
6% Base RewardsThis amount gets gets sent right back to our holders in the form of user-chosen rewards.
2% LiquidityThis amount gets sent right to our Liquidity Pool
1% For MarketingThese funds will be used for future marketing endeavours, such as billboards, online ads, AMA's, and giveaways.
1% Staking Buy-BackThese are the funds that get staked, then used as a buyback function, then the bought tokens get reflected back to holders.
🐶 Links:
Contract address: 0x0aec76aba86afbe36c625f18b059768ab1a8226c
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LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x85c8D5A8b9db26EB489297BbC48b72e2e8760512
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2021.10.27 12:27 phoenixberger [PC] [EPIC/STEAM] [2K22] Selling MT, $6.5 = 100k / [PS4,5][2K22] $6.5 = 100K / [XBOX][2k22] $6.5 = 100K / [Switch] $15 = 100k Fast and Easy! DIAMOND Seller! Bundle Available!

[PC][2K22][Epic&Steam]: $6.5 = 100k [UPDATED], $60 = 1 mil (Bundle)
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[PS4/5][2K22]: $6.5 USD = 100K [UPDATED]
[Switch][2K22] $15 = 100k
[PC][2K21][Epic&Steam]: $12 = 1 mil, $6 = 500k
[PS4/5] [2k21]: 1.8 USD = 100k (300k minimum) $17 = 1 mil (Bundle)
[XBOX]: $2 USD = 100K (300k minimum), $19 = 1 mil (Bundle)
$2 = 1 mil
Payment: Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp
New Rep page: https://www.reddit.com/NBARep/comments/ot3067/uphoenixberger_nba_rep_profile/
My 1st Rep:
2nd Rep:
3rd Rep:
For PC buyer please add me on Steam: phoenixberger
For PS4/XBOX just PM me on reddit, and I will help with how to put cards on auctions and things can be done in 5 mins.
My discord: PhoenIx#7852
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2021.10.27 12:27 DanStanley22 Whiskey Tshirt for a Whiskey Enthusiast

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2021.10.27 12:27 Local_Finger Seeking random strangers opinions on the internet (26M, 418?)

For the past 8 months I’ve been sleeping minimum 8 hours, I do the mouth tape and the nose strips. I supplement zinc and magnesium, drinking nettle tea, the anti cruciferous plants and pumpkin seeds. I eat 200 grams protein and I’m active, lift at least 3-5 times a week, ski, bike, and almost always get in the 10,000 steps. (Otherwise I have a sedentary pencil pushing job) I’m still always tired, like always, and libido is low.
Are these numbers OK for my age ?
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2021.10.27 12:27 nickp2517 Can we talk about how lucky Reggie is?

I wish I was in his shoes right now. The guy is lucky
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2021.10.27 12:27 amealia973 [LF] black drink and snack machine [FT] 2 Nmts each

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2021.10.27 12:27 Separate_Tangelo7138 Experiences working with demons

I’ve been dabbling working with demons here and there. I have made quite a strong relationship with Astaroth, I have so much respect for her power. I know demons are controversial in the magick world but they’re really not scary monsters like how they’re portrayed.
Does anyone else work with demons? What are your experiences and what have you learned?
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2021.10.27 12:27 Chill0000 What Would You Give Halloween (2018)

Discussions Are Allowed In The Comments Of These Posts So If You Haven’t Seen It Please Be Careful
View Poll
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2021.10.27 12:27 qualityonlinemedia Is the Catholic Bible dangerous to read? Mark 10:27

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2021.10.27 12:27 jdlnewborn AD Sync - convert to Shared mailbox and delete AD user - deletes shared.

I am cleaning up a few old users that are no longer in my org. All good. I converted their mailbox to shared, unlicensed and then deleted in AD. AD Sync then deletes the shared mailbox.
Is there a way I can have it NOT delete the shared?
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2021.10.27 12:27 ShortAlgo $DHR Awaiting Buy Signal. Algo Trading by UltraAlgo.com

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2021.10.27 12:27 JCool2111 Holyyyy Shibbbb 🔥🔥🔥

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2021.10.27 12:27 PartPessimist [Recruiting] Void Treaders | TH 10+ | Clan Level 4 | Warring & Social | Independent

Clan Members: 32/50
Language: English
Location: International
Clan Tag: #2LLVPU0R0
Why join us?
We have many chaotic players who sometimes clown around. Clan Wars are frequent, so please adjust your "Clan War Preference" button based on whether you want in for war. We like to keep all individuals accountable for the clan's sake. You may request to your heart's desire, but help donate too when able. We max Clan Games for all reward tiers. Adult language and topics are allowed (but nothing too explicit in the public chats). We have a Discord so players can be tagged for reminders and chill outside the game. Void Treaders is a great home for those who enjoy a bit of tomfoolery and want a structured war clan that understands sometimes life happens.
Who do we want?
We seek non-rushed TH 10+ (e.g., heroes level 30+) who are reliable in war. If you prefer to donate, chill, and farm instead of warring then you are also welcome in our clan. The minimum number of trophies to join are set at 800 trophies (for the Home Village).
Below are a few things we focus on:
(1) Clan Games: Try to reach 4k points in Clan Games. A minimum of 500 points is required, if one does Clan Games.
(2) Clan Wars 24/7: Use both attacks if your "Clan War Preference" is set to in. 1st attack is for hitting one's mirror or up to two below one's mirror. 2nd attack is for hitting one's mirror or above to scout or below for cleanup. Exceptions can be granted by the Leader, Co-leaders, or Elders.
(3) Clan War League: Set "Clan War Preference" to out if all heroes are upgrading and/or you have spells unavailable. We do 15v15 CWL and are in Gold 1. Attack your mirror (unless granted an exception); you can trade bases with other teammates.
Void Treaders: https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=2LLVPU0R0
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2021.10.27 12:27 ANON500028 I can't tell if it's already burning out? PLEASE HELP!

So I(F23) started talking to this guy(23) maybe 5 or 6 months ago, and at first it was strictly text for maybe a month, then we started voice calling for 2 months and video calling not long after and then we were like to fuck it lets meet. He was only like 3 hours away. So we met somewhere neither of us knew for 3 days and it was absolutely magical.
Not long after that we were really wanting to meet again as we missed eachother and it went so incredibly the first time, like as in soulmate levels of connection and everything in common almost the same person. So I went to his house and again, it was brilliant, amazing, wonderful.
We've met in total 4 times now. Every time has been great... Until this most recent time where he came to my city for the first time. I don't know if it was because we were in my city and I'm over familiar with it and the people, whether it was because we were forced into a shitty hotel room as the person I live with didn't want him staying in our home for covid reasons, or because it's that time of month or what but... It was most certainly not the same.
It was... Even a little awkward. And low energy. And sort of... Nothing. We were both very sleepy and had drinks every night so it could be that. He stayed for 2 and a half days and he left yesterday and... It felt like nothing when he did. The way he interacted with me while we were there felt a little friendish, but at the same time the little things he does like stroking my hair and kissing me and all that obviously feels like he means it, so I'm constantly getting mixed signals. He's quite bad with emotions and very awkward in general but this is the first time I've felt awkward around him at all?? The important thing to note here is that we've both planned that next week I stay with him at his for a little over a week to test how is would feel if we moved in because we were really hating long distance, so maybe it could be because we already know we don't have to wait long to have proper time together and this meeting was quite a spontaneous rushed one?
But... I'm starting to get really fucking anxious now. Because I'm starting to think either he doesn't really care so much and has also felt a change, because his texts and the way he talks to me have changed to more just friendly and not as cutesy... Or maybe I'm overthinking it. I guess my question is... Is this normal when moving from long distance to potentially non-long distance? Or is this a sign that maybe we won't work as well as we thought? Is it because we're spending more time together? Why wasn't it awkward at all before? We have literally everything in common, we make eachother laugh we, we know so much about eachother and trust eachother, but I'm starting to get really fearful that it's supposed to end here. I really fucking like this guy. Nothing feels the same after this last meeting I can't tell why?
Not only this but time feels like it's absolutely flying and it's as if we never have any time for anything, or like we never hung out at all, but then at the same time it feels like it's going SUPER slow when we're apart.
Please tell me this is normal growing pains? It's really getting to me, I've gotten so anxious I've even told him we should both just focus on work for the next 4 days as it's school holidays and we're both flat out til we see eachother, and he's totally happy with doing that. I suggested it because I want time to myself to figure out what the hell is happening because incase you can't tell, I'm panicked! We've spoken every day since we first started talking. Fear is really getting the best of me here, so any reassurance, advice or insight would be appreciated!!
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