Hey 🔗

2021.10.27 13:15 A-lost-Infp Hey 🔗

What do I have to do if I feel comfortable when I am around someone , but at the same time when I try to approach them I feel like I am annoying ?
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2021.10.27 13:15 Capt_Planets Let's all buy RYOSHI, everytime you buy it burns SHIB

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2021.10.27 13:15 PhilipPepperoni Found this record today

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2021.10.27 13:15 Jimmycasini Vodra ( VDR ) Airdrop

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2021.10.27 13:15 NephriteBeing I don't know what to do with the paralyzing panic I get from wanting to do a task!?!?

I'm not diagnosed with anything so I don't know what this could be. I've worked hard on my mental health and being aware of my ups & downs and how they present. Without therapy. I've come a long fucking way but, I have a ton to work on and I was wondering if you guys had any advice or ideas or experience with the one struggle I keep having issues with.
I've had this issue ever since I could remember, I'm 24 now. My issue is I struggle to start, to start any task. To start drawing, cooking, painting, puzzles, games anything I love and feel motivated to do and happy doing it not just the shitty things like cleaning, hygiene, or work. I've worked on it and I practice but I struggle a lot still. It's like I get a moment and a burst of "Oh I wanna paint, then almost instantly my stomach turns, I get a lump in my throat, my chest feels heavy, I hold my breath and I freeze. It's like I panic at the idea of doing anything, I've even done this with wanting to pet my own dog or even eating. It's like I'm a Sim and the computer tells me to do something but I glitch and manically panically say ''no, nononono, you must stay here, stay put'' and I do. It's Paralyzing.
Has anyone experienced this? If so have you found the cheat code - aka overcame it and how? Do you know what this might be called, besides, ''anxiety'' and a ridiculous sense of fight/flight/freeze mode? Any advice? Am I alone in this? I just don't know what to do as sometimes it becomes too hard to do. The only thing I keep practicing is doing what I need to do like hygiene, drinking, eating, and walking my dog but I still struggle so much with that. Appreciate all of the support that can be given. Thank you so much.
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2021.10.27 13:15 katchibeauty Meet Grizz! 3 legs and 1 ear but full of love and tappy taps

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2021.10.27 13:15 morganbarbour By Dagmar Derksen at BlackBear Ink, Utrecht, Netherlands. Finishing the upper arm in a couple months!

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2021.10.27 13:15 fencingparent Fencing equipment in carryon bag on a domestic flight?

Hi the Oct NAC is happening in just a few days. First time bringing my kid to a tournament on a plane. Was thinking using the roller fencing bag and check it at the airport. But just measured a smaller bag and found the weapon, lame, mask and cords all fit in. Does the airport TSA deem fencing sword as a weapon? Is it allowed to bring onboard as carry on? If it's allowed I would prefer not to let the airport people throwing the roller bag around and break things inside.
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2021.10.27 13:15 hatefen THE ARCHAIC EPIDEMIC - ESCAPE [TDWP COVER] (2021)

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2021.10.27 13:15 AaronTheDort Notifications and Copyright

As the title suggests, I wanted to make new follow and sub notifications and wanted to use like the little clips from vines with their sound. For example, I was thinking when I got a new follow I would use the girl getting water poured on her face and then says hello? Would this be allowed or would it be considered copyright? Also I have been playing a lot of Hunt: Showdown and I turned of the main menu theme music thinking that it too would infringe on copyright issues, but I really miss the song lol it frickin slaps! Can I turn the music back on? Or am I right to think that it would be an issue. Lastly I have always wanted to do a stream where I write, I am an aspiring author and going to school for an English degree, and I want to play music. I know that the music I would play would be copyrighted but can I still do it and just not save the vod? Or would my stream get flagged? Thank you for any help guys!
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2021.10.27 13:15 Perpetual_Doubt Irish county must explain

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2021.10.27 13:15 cynicalprogram The Dollar Is Already Dead...Fed Keeps Printing Money ⚠️$40K Gold in Com...

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2021.10.27 13:15 spectreaqu ბარბალ დოლაშ/barbal dolash

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2021.10.27 13:15 xRsVParadoxx Some advice please

I started cross dressing roughly 2 months ago and would love some advice, I currently have 2 skirts, thigh high socks and underwear as well as waiting on more things coming and I am trying to decide on what to do with my hair and then makeup. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.27 13:15 kitsmcgee Halloween X

Any other big RL Grime fans here?? Halloween X will be streaming around 2 or 3am EST Friday morning and I wish there was a way for us to watch it at Hula!
Anyone have a projector...? 🤔
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2021.10.27 13:15 slavicturk Benzo withdrawal

Will using pregablin help with benzo withdrawal? Like the risk of seizures and stuff like that ? Knowledge would be greatly appreciated
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2021.10.27 13:15 manguerazu Painting similar to Blood Meridian

Painting similar to Blood Meridian I recently saw this image on an Instagram account that uploads variety of western paintings. I asked them who the author was, but unfortunately they didn't know. This painting reminds me a lot of some passages from Blood Meridian. Personally I really like the style of the painting and the realism of it, not because of how it is painted, but because of how the events are depicted. I just wanted to share it and know your opinion about it.

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2021.10.27 13:15 ramooooma Tired mom today…brewed my coffee this morning without putting a cup down first.

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2021.10.27 13:15 BiblaTomas Ricciardo/Sainz/Norris Coldest takeover of the season?

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2021.10.27 13:15 marmaladespoons Series X- or else What? (For a kid who lost his gaming buddy)

I will admit here that I don’t play anything other than animal crossing on a switch lite my 13 year old son handed down when I bought him the full size switch. He has a gaming laptop on which he and his stepdad played a bunch of games together. They shared a Steam account. My partner died suddenly in January and that account was closed (look it up- you can’t transfer games even if someone proves death and takes over payment of most accounts. Even the rep said it didn’t make sense.) He took this really hard, a loss in itself, though won’t talk about his stepdad much.
Anyway. My son wanted a series X for Christmas last year and I am embarrassed to admit that I was unprepared for the difficulty. I was even MORE unprepared for the difficulty I am continuing to have. I jump right onto websites when they drop and I get beaten by bots every time. And the scalpers!!
I have to budget this, so if I get an S right now, upgrading later to an X won’t really be an option. Is an S my best option in the Reddit opinion? Is the small storage going to be an issue? I know he likes a lot of first person shooter games, Minecraft, and Mario (is that an Xbox thing?) He did tell me he would be happy to have an S, but he is really sweet and I know he worries about money. He and his stepdad were really excited for the X and I don’t want to let him down given that this year has sucked horribly, or does anyone have a clue on where, when, how? I live in the US
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2021.10.27 13:15 gyamjin Mental health

Is it normal to easily laugh at small things even though it's not that funny? Or feel sad and cry at the same time? I dont understand why I'm going through this.
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2021.10.27 13:15 NazbazOG A Living Nightmare | Horror - One-Shot

She woke up as if she couldn't wait to wake up. Which was to no surprise, because today was the day...
...She was leaving.
She heard three knocks on the door each of them was ignored because she was distracted by the thought in her head of what today meant.
"May I come in?" She snapped back to reality with the knocker's request.
"Oh, right," She made out. "Yes, of course."
The knocker came in. It was Javi. Still has his baseball on his back with his dirty white jumper. His light blue jeans had signs of it being worn out.
"How are you feeling?" He broke the ice.
She chuckled, "As if that isn't obvious."
"Nervous? Excited?" Javi followed unamused by her answer.
She stayed silent for a moment.
"Both... If I'm honest." She started to answer. "I feel like my body is shaking. I don't wanna waste any more time, though. I can't wait. I'm nervous, but excited too. I feel restless. But once I get AJ from the ranch, I'll be able to relax."
"Clementine, are you sure you want to do this alone?" Javi checked. "I still think going alone is stupid."
"I have to!" She instantly rejected. "Lee... Lee came for me alone. He saved me. Now, I'm in his position, and I alone will save AJ."
"I don't know how much saving you will be doing... Who said he is in danger?" Javi questioned.
"Whatever, it's the closest I'll come to being like Lee potentially."
"You want to find redemption or something?" Javi further questioned. "You feel guilty for him dying for you."
She didn't answer, and she didn't want to drag this conversation any longer. She got her gear, her resources that were already prepared in her room last night, and headed for the door.
Javi didn't try to bother her anymore and followed her towards the exit of Richmond. There she was bidding farewell to the people, notably Javi, Kate, Lingard, Eleanor.
"Come back safe," Javi waved at her when she made a little distance.
"I promise to!" She shouted back.
A few days later.
"The map says it's around here... but I can't even see a building from here." She uttered to herself.
Perhaps it was because of the dense number of trees that she couldn't see much. It was quiet. Well, would've been had it not been for the winds blowing on the leaves of the trees making them sing. She liked it, at least. It felt good and natural. But it was starting to get dark but being so close to the ranch, at least according to the map, she wanted to find it today. She had already taken the last turn she needed, and the McRarrol Ranch wasn't that far away from the turn...
She continued walking as she had her attention on the map until suddenly she bumped into something and fell with The Thing. On the ground, she opened her eyes to a walker's head.
She let out a little scream as she forced herself away. But it was already dead.
She then decided to look at her surroundings and saw multiple dead walkers hanging from the branches of the trees. They were hung very close to the ground as their feet were almost touching the ground.
She just stared at them all for a moment and wondered what the hell happened here. Who did this?
Worse, she hated the fact that this was so close to the Ranch. And there is where she got the bad feelings. Her mind started to raid her, invade her calmness. Her peace. Until it started to drill her head.
"AJ!" She uttered as she started to run.
She felt like she was able to leave so many people for dead right now. Only AJ was on her mind.
She without a doubt, as if she saw it herself, that what she saw back there, had something to do with the Ranch.
As she was running, she saw a huge amount of dark-grey almost black smoke. There was a fire.
"How fucking convenient!" She said pissed. And of course she was!
Not only is that probably the Ranch, meaning AJ is undoubtedly in danger, but that she could've used that to guide her to the Ranch quicker and earlier... had it not been so dark. Since it was getting dark, and there were so many trees towering over her, she didn't notice it.
Still, she didn't stop running... until she heard a gunshot that rang through her head.
"AJ!!" She wanted to cry, she felt like this was A Living Nightmare.
But she had to keep moving forward. And that, she did.
And at last, she had arrived at her destination... but it was almost in ruins. The fire was everywhere. She could hear screams and gunshots but they've come to a halt.
Suddenly she got shot at but only missed her by a centimeter. Almost instinctively, she threw herself behind a tree for cover.
She waited for a bit and used the further side of the tree from where she was originally from when she got shot to try and assess the situation. It was seemingly an injured man who shot at her.
Being in no mood to try and save anyone or handle any confrontations for the peaceful ending, she used his first impression as enough to call it self-defense. And with no attempt to talk with him, she took a deep breath and shot him right in the neck. Wanting to waste no bullet, she stabbed him in the head when she got out of cover and walked to him. In case that he might be a problem later on as a walker.
She entered the building that was raging with flames. But it was as if it was creating a path. She couldn't see anything but flames for as far as she can see. It was too dangerous, and it was almost completely swallowed by fire.
As she walked slowly past the fire following the convenient path forward, hoping that wherever AJ was in here was scarce from fire, the fire would lash out almost as if it was lunging at her. Constantly making her step back and put her arms in front of her face.
"Lee went through a herd of walkers for me, and now, I will go through the herd of fire for AJ," She encouraged herself.
From the right side, it was as if the fire was a lion roaring at her, hungry at the sight of her. It was scaring her, causing her to hyperventilate as hard as breathing in there was. But from the left side, the fire was as if it was reaching out to her, trying to swipe her with one swing as if it was a tiger, trying to kill her with one swipe of the paw.
It was hot, and Clem thought she was melting. She was sweating, there was no doubt about it. But she felt like she was in the fire itself, walking through hell.
Something she wasn't sure if it was a good sign or not - she wasn't hearing any screams. Not anymore. Any sound other than the grumpy flames. Did that mean AJ was dead? Or was he evacuated already? She remembered that there were gunshots... It had to have something to do with why this whole place is on fire. This place was raided she figured.
After what seemed like an endless journey that may not ever end, the path showed two turns. Left and right. She didn't want to leave, not until she assured herself that AJ wasn't here. So she wanted to take the turn that didn't lead out of the Ranch even though she is tired of coughing... but which turn is it? She can practically only see the flames and the smoke.
She saw a sign but she couldn't make out what that sign was. She took a guess and turned left with the flames only getting worse. But she eventually reached a door. She wanted to put her face against it and listen in, but the door was probably dangerously hot and it could burn her. So she decided against it and kicked the door open with her only pistol in hand, ready to shoot anyone that may threaten her and her objective.
She panted as she saw the room empty. It had lockers, one of which was open and empty. She just stood there and analysed the room, studying everything in it. One thing she got from this room was that it had a vibe that was relevant to children. But the amount of blood here made her have a sick feeling in her guts. Disgusted, but concerned heavily. But on the bright side, the fire wasn't in here yet, somehow.
"Hands up, girl," A female voice sounded from behind her, loud enough for her to hear. Being distracted by what she saw, she now realised that there was also a toddler crying...
She did as she was told. She felt the hand of a person on hers as they took the pistol from her right hand.
"Turn around," The same voice said.
She did, and she did slowly. And right there, she saw two people she knows.
It was AJ... and Lilly.
Along with a man with a receding hairline.
"Well, shit!" Lilly reacted chuckling. "If it isn't Lee's girl, Clementine."
"Lilly?!" Clementine reacted in shock. "Holy shit! Thank God for you!"
"Yup, thank God for me," Lilly smirked. "Looking for something?"
"Y-Yeah, AJ, the baby in your hands," Clementine said, feeling something was a bit... off. Something telling her she shouldn't be so happy to see Lilly.
"I figured," Lilly responded. "He kept saying 'Clem'. Thought it must've been just a different Clem, y'know? Anyway, I heard multiple gunshots after the raid finished, thought it was worth checking it out, and shit, was I right!"
"What happened to this place?" Clem inquired, getting the feeling that Lilly was the one behind it.
"What happened?" The man beside her, named Abel, laughed. "They didn't accept our terms, so we killed them all and currently their place is burning to the ground. The same thing could happen to you and your kid if you make the same mistake."
"Confused, are ya?" Lilly followed on. "This isn't Lilly is what you must be thinking right now. But as Abel said, you better not make the same mistake as these people did. You'd be burning with them too."
Upon hearing that, she had noticed in the fires in the corridors... there were figures inside of them. She stepped back but there was nowhere for her to escape. She was then knocked out, blindfolded and taken.
She was still blindfolded even in their community, known as "Delta". She learned that after she woke up on the way.
She heard a door creak open and it sounded like it was a large door. But she wasn't sure. It was hard trying to figure what was going on with the situation she was in. Her own life was in danger, AJ, the Ranch, the bodies on the road, Lilly, Delta... She tried her absolute best to compose herself, especially now that Lilly is giving her important information...
"I'm gonna keep AJ with me. I might treat him good, I might not. But a good amount of that is up to you," Lilly informed her almost as a threat. "Not because I want to, but because I want to control you. You give me reasons to be pissed, and I'll make you regret that... You get that?"
Clementine didn't respond.
"You're already starting off with having me repeat myself?" Lilly said with a little made-up anger.
"I-I understand!" Clementine quickly responded.
"Good!" Lilly said. "Take her shoes and socks off and put the shackles on."
Clementine didn't know what was about to happen to herself, and she didn't want to question anything, in fear of what it could mean to AJ. But the shackles felt freezing cold on her skin.
After Lilly's orders were obeyed, she felt her feet on a cold platform. But not a smooth surface, rather, it was rocky and uncomfortable. It hurt.
"You will stay down there for some time," Lilly informed Clem. "By the way, how scared are you of spiders?"
Lilly walked away laughing.
Clementine didn't really give a shit, she wasn't scared of some stupid spiders.
She was escorted, still blindfolded, deeper inside wherever she was in. But she knows she wasn't outside anymore. But even inside, she still felt cold. Colder, actually. She started to hear other people that were pleading for help. But their voices sounded... empty. Soulless. There was no will in them left.
She eventually was stopped and she heard a door creak open and was then pushed inside. Her blindfolds were taken off and her hands were untied.
It was almost pitch dark. She can just about see with the only light coming from the fire torches on the walls and there weren't many of them.
She looked outside her locked cell, there didn't seem to be anyone in her block or section. She had no clue what the outside of this place looked like. That doesn't help if she was to attempt an escape.
But from distance, she can hear the people she heard earlier moaning for help.
This didn't feel good, and she wasn't liking this. She decided to check her own cell since she felt like this could be her home for a long time.
There was a toilet section that she can see, a bed and... and the cold, rocky surface. She endured the pain until she can get herself on the bed. Trying to get there with the minimum amount of steps possible. Though she felt like it hurt more this way.
She got on the bed and sat up. Locked her legs together with her arms, and closed herself by putting her head on her knees, beginning to sob.
She thought of Lee, AJ, Javi and Richmond... and the Ranch. The damned Ranch.
"Maybe if I went earlier?" She muffled out still crying.
For the next two weeks, she'd have two meals a day but never see the outside of this place or step outside of this cell. But today, today was different.
She had just finished the first meal of the day, but unexpectedly three men have come and stood outside her cell.
"Is it the time for the second meal already?" Clementine asked.
"Blindfold her," One of them said.
"What?" Clementine raised her eyebrows and stepped back.
"Stop opening your goddam mouth!" The same one shouted at her. "We here are encouraged to snitch. And I am not hesitant to even lie about you misbehaving..."
"NO! Please!" Clementine pleaded, knowing that AJ could be hurt. She hadn't even seen him since the brief moment at the Ranch.
The three men laughed for a moment before continuing their objective here. They blindfolded Clem but didn't tie her hands this time.
She then felt a hand around her left arm dragging her forward with a bit of pace making her feet get hurt. She still hasn't come numb to it, but it wasn't as bad as before. Maybe she should've spent more time on the ground, rather than sheltering her feet on the bed.
She eventually felt the feeling of being outside. Fresh air. They continued walking with Clementine's shackles hitting against each other. She had no choice but to deal with this.
Eventually, they stopped and her blindfold was taken off. She saw Lilly and a line of young teenagers, both male and female, standing in a line. But there was no sign of AJ.
"Long time no see, Clem," Lilly said without a smile. "Today is a big day for you. This is your graduation! Congrats!"
"Can I see AJ?" Clementine ignored.
"Of course there is where your mind is," Lilly shook her head and let out a sigh. "If I show you him, I'll kill him in front of you. Do you want that? Or do you prefer not seeing him, but still alive?"
Clementine was clearly upset with this, but then Lilly changed her mind.
"Actually, I'm being unfair. As a reward for the time you spent in there with only a few complaints, I'll show you him."
"What complaints?!" Clementine spoke out, then she realised what the men said earlier... Clearly, they had actually done it before. "Oh, sorry! Being in there makes me forget. There will be no more complaints!" She tried to save herself.
"Refer to me as ma'am," Lilly told her. "I'll let this slip up pass, but just so you know, over time I let less stuff pass."
As Lilly said that, a man was clearly in Clementine's vision being forced forward here. When he arrived, the men that were with him told Lilly that he accidentally slipped on the floor whilst on patrol. Upon Lilly hearing that, she took out her gun and shot him in the head.
"He was here for months," Lilly said as she looked to Clementine who gulped and was intimidated.
Just for... slipping on the floor? But she dared not to question that.
"I want you as one of my people, Clem," Lilly continued. "And I want to show you what that takes."
As she said that, all of the people in the line turned around, and showed their backs. Full of scars.
"Every single member of this community has scars on their backs, as a sign of loyalty to us. Like a badge on a football shirt, representing who you play for. Here, our badges are scars on the back. Even I have it,"
The men that came with the recently killed man picked the dead man up, and she saw for a split second that his back was untouched and unharmed. She then figured this whole thing of killing him over a slip was a total set-up intended to intimidate her and a process of making her be under control by Lilly.
And to add on to that, what happened with seeing AJ? Both seem to have forgotten that. Perhaps Lilly did it to see how much of an impact is being done to Clem.
"Anyway," She continued as they took the dead man away. "I think it is time you have our badge."
As that was said, she was quickly grabbed and taken to a stage. Her hands were tied to the left and right and so were her legs. And then she started to get whipped with the people taking turns. An unbelievable amount of pain Clem started to go through, with screams so loud that Javi might even hear, or so she probably wished so.
After the session was finished, they untied her legs and hands, and quickly she dropped to the platform unable to move.
Lilly then shouted at her to stand up, to which Clementine couldn't. Not that Lilly was actually expecting her to, but it was just her bullshit method to justify punishments...
"You're not getting up?" Lilly asked the in-pain Clem. "No problem. What about declaring that you are one of us and that you will obey me?"
No answer.
"Again, no problem! I'll give you a few days more in the cell before you will be in a special one-on-one private torture session! And obviously, I get to choose who tortures you."
Lilly turned around before turning back around to face Clementine.
"Oh, I forgot to say, the torture goes on for a minimum of 7 minutes," Lilly went on. "And after that, it continues until you say what I just told you to say."
Lilly then walked away as Clementine was thrown back in the cell, blindfolded until she was in the cell, of course.
Clementine was frozen still. She stayed silent. She has never experienced such physical pain in her life.
Few days later.
Clem was taken out of the cell and taken outside. Again, blindfolded. But this time, they didn't take her blindfold off at all. She felt like she went into another building. She was then sat down and heard a door close. The blindfold still on.
The silence was defeaning and frightening. Where was she? Why was she here?
Eventually, she heard that there was someone else in the room which only had perturbed her more.
The figure felt close and it felt and sounded like they were coming closer and closer until they were right at the face of her. Clementine had started to hyperventilate at this point. She heard the person chuckle.
"Clementine, is it?" A female voice had finaly sounded. "Sounds like an innocent girl."
"W-What do you want?" Clementine asked clearly fazed.
"Holy shit, is that dungeon really making your memory weak?" The person teased. "How can you forget your torture appointment?"
"P-Please!" Clementine begged. "Just leave me alone!"
"Hey, come on now... I haven't even started!" She said. "My name is Minerva, by the way."
"Can I see AJ? Where is he!?" Clementine raised her voice. "I haven't seen him for a very long time."
"Who is AJ?" Minerva inquired.
"He is a toddler," Clementine answered her quickly. "Lilly had him."
"A toddler?" Minerva reacted. "We don't have toddlers here..."
"What?" Clementine was puzzled. "No, Lilly has him with her."
"Nope, no toddlers!"
"You must be mistaken!" Clementine raised her voice again in desperation. "I saw Lilly with him! She had told me she would be taking care of him!"
"What a naive girl you are..." Minerva retorted. "You do realise what is going to go down in here, right? You really think it's a good idea to talk to me like that? Well, I'll show you..."
She stepped closer as Clementine firmed herself for whatever was coming. She suddenly felt a hand on her guts forcing air out of her mouth. Being tied to a chair, she was punched in the face to the ground with the chair.
Minerva continued to beat on Clementine for a minute.
She heard Minerva pant, clearly she was exerting a lot of effort in what she was doing.
"You know..." She said as she was catching her breath. "I think we need to get a little more bloody."
"F-Fuck you," Clementine barely made out.
Minerva laughed at that insult.
Clementine heard noises of steels, presumingly knives to what she can gather. She then felt Minerva right in front of her.
"You wanna know how long I've been serving the Delta?" Minerva asked Clem.
"Too long."
"Quite the opposite," She remarked. "This place is my home. And I'll do anything for it. There is no one I trust more than Lilly. And if she believes this place would be a lot better with you in her control, then I will sure as fuck make sure you become obedient."
"Better for what?" Clementine snapped. "To torture more people? To close people in some dungeon?!"
"You don't know shit," Minerva replied. "I've been here since I was in my late teens. Want some story time?"
"Haven't the 7 minutes passed?"
Minerva laughed out loud. "You honestly think I give a shit about that 7 minute bullshit? I can go on for so long even if you utter those words. I decide when to stop."
"Not so obedient are you?" Clementine mocked. "How do you expect me to become obedient when my 'teachers' aren't?"
"You're gonna see real soon," Minerva promised. "But here is the story time anyway. I hope it verbally tortures you."
Clementine heard her walk from the left and right as she was starting her story talk.
"With this end of the world shit, I was left at this place called Ericsons school. Many died, many abandoned it... but when there were no adults around, I stepped up to take leadership. I lead that place."
"And now look at you," Clementine interrupted.
"Amazing how time went passed, right?" Minerva continued. "Then one day, Lilly came-"
"And fucked everything up," Clementine interrupted her yet again.
"Listen, you little shit. Stop interrupting me," Minerva said frustratedly. "She was going to take all of us... this was about a year or more ago now. So instead, I sacrificed myself and only let her take me. But of course, after I learned the hard way what was better for me, I revealed where my people were..."
"How could you do that!" Clementine let out.
"How couldn't I?" Minerva chuckled. "It was for the benefit of my home."
"Now what happened to those people?" Clementine asked in curiosity.
"It was those teenagers lined up you saw few days ago," Minerva answered her curiosity.
"What the fuck!" Clementine reacted.
"And now, we are all here at our new home and we all love it," Minerva said.
Minerva then came towards Clementine and took off her blindfolds, allowing her to finally see.
"Recognise me?" Minerva grinned. "Anyway, we still have some stuff left."
Clementine saw the sharp knife in her hand. The blade was clearly far too dangerous to come in touch with it.
"Now, just stay still, because I ain't gonna lie, but if you don't it would just be worse for you," Minerva advised her.
Minerva brought the knife to Clem's left eyeball. The tied up girl did try and stay as still as possible, but it was clear the fear was looming in her. Minerva left the blade right by her eyeball in a sort of gesture that she was ready to pry the eyeball out.
"Hmm, I want you to see what I'm going to do to you actually. Why not the ear?" Minerva considered as she took her knife to Clem's left ear.
Clementine clutched on the chair's armrests as she looked at the blade get closer and closer slowly.
"Hm, nah, I want you to hear everything that goes down," Minerva backed off a little as she took a moment to think. "Right! Open your mouth, I want your tongue cut."
"Please! Just stop!" Clementine tried. "You're going too far!"
"Now I just want to do it even more!" Minerva stepped closer as she put the knife right on her lips. "Come on."
Clementine started to tear up to which Minerva had clearly liked that.
"I can see the terror in your eyes!" Minerva giggled. "You're such a cutie, like a little puppy."
At this point, her words didn't have any more impact on Clementine.
"Come on, Clem!" Minerva suddenly laughed out loud. "Do you really think I was going to do any of that? We want you to serve us. Having you lose an ear or an eye or a tongue would just limit your capabilities in serving Lilly. I'm not actually allowed to do that, you idiot!"
Clementine tried to stop herself from sobbing and tried to calm herself down.
"But, as you might've noticed with my left hand, my ring finger is missing," Minerva smirked. "You might've seen it on the others as well the other day. That is something I have to do."
Minerva took the left hand of Clementine after untying it from the armrest.
"The reason for why we do this is to symbolise or say or whatever the fuck the term is that your life is serving the Delta," Minerva explained. "To show that you don't live for your own pleasure like getting love. So don't think about finding a partner and that you will marry them and have kids and live happily ever after. That shit ain't gonna happen, although, I don't think you're even thinking of that anyway..."
Clementine tried to firm herself to just accept that outcome and get on with it, since she was clearly not gonna leave this room unscathed.
"By the way," Minerva looked at Clem's forehead. "I can't help but notice that scar on your forehead... How'd you get it."
"It was many yea- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Clem screamed in agony as Minerva interrupted her by chopping off her ring finger.
"Dooooon't careeee!" Minerva mocked.
Clementine tried to endure the pain of losing her finger as Minerva started to cauterize it.
"Doesn't your hand look better now?" Minerva said after finishing. "Oh, by the way, I'm gonna need you to say those lines... after I terrorise you a little longer!"
Few minutes later.
"I-m one of you guys! I'm gonna be obedient!" Clem cried out.
"And what is your purpose?" Minerva questioned as Clem's blood is on her face.
"T-To serve Lilly and the Delta until death does me part," Clementine sobbed.
"Good!" Minerva smiled. "Now, just take this and eat it."
Clementine opened her mouth and took the white block of something and swallowed it. She didn't feel anything from it. Yet, she thought.
"You're all done!" Minerva said as she put Clementine in blindfolds again. "I recommend going to sleep, you kinda need it..,"
Clementine was taken back into her cell. She lay on her bed crying, still in pain. She then cried herself to sleep.
She gained consciousness as she opened her eyes. Good thing she was facing the wall and not the cell doors, or else the guards would've seen her wake up.
She stayed silent and paid close attention to what was going on. She heard her cell door get unlocked and opened.
"Louis, you idiot!" Someone from further inside called out. "Leave her alone, dude. I got something I wanna show you."
"This shit better be worth it!" Louis shouted back.
Clementine then heard her cell door close... but not locked. Her heart skipped a beat in a hint of excitement that she might be able to escape. She stayed still for a little longer so that the guards leave the area. or so she hoped.
After a few minutes, she got up. Her body seemed a lot better. Maybe it was the thing she ate last night. She didn't know if it was day or night, but she hoped it was the night.
She held the bars of her cell doors and pushed it slowly as it creaked open. She stayed chill as she looked around and then walked towards the right, where the exit was from. She took one of the fire torches and marched forward. There was no one else in here, they've all been long dead.
Step after step, she felt herself closer to freedom. To the outside world. She had been so broken, she isn't going to try and save AJ. It was just not possible. To add on, she doesn't even think he is alive. And hasn't been... for a very, very long time.
Eventually, she felt the coldness of the air from outside presumingly. At the end of the dungeon or so she believed it was, she saw outside. It was day time. She had been living in the dark for far longer than in the light, so the exit was all bright white. She couldn't see anything.
She still walked on with the shackles still attached on her. She entered that light.
Hands covered her face protecting her from the sun until she can get adjusted to it. Except, she found no sun. She found herself in a weird... corridor. The walls were light blue whilst the ceiling was blank white. The corridor was leading only one way. The place seemed empty.
She had no idea what the area even looked like, as she had been blindfolded every single time. So this is all her first time witnessing this.
Without wasting anymore time she walked on forward to what she hoped was freedom.
It wasn't cold, to her surprise. But not too hot either, it was just... perfect. Finally, something positive about something in this place. She wasn't going to miss the coldness of the dungeon back there.
Eventually this one corridor was divided into two. One to the right, and one to the left. Unsure on which turn to take, she sucked her index finger and then put it up to check if she could feel any air.
And she did, from the right.
She continued forth on the right corridor, only to come to three different routes. Left, straight ahead, and to the right.
The corridor in the middle had air coming from it. On the left, she could hear... a laugh? And it sounded like Minerva. She wanted to stay away from that direction.
But on the right side... she could hear a cry. But not any cry... a cry from a baby. Presumingly... AJ.
And now she faced a dilemma. Originally, she wanted to just leave. Because she just didn't have a chance to find AJ. Or so she thought...
But now... Now she might be able to do something about it. And thus, she took a right turn.
She didn't have the best of feelings about this. This was like a maze, and had no idea where she was actually going. But she felt better going further away from that laugh she heard earlier. And on top of that...
Is there really no one around? Is this place really this unguarded? It just seemed too unbelievable.
She came in front of a door at the end of this tunnel-like corridor. She can hear the cry from the other side. But she can feel the heat from behind...
She turned around too see the whole place under fire racing towards her. Without any hesitation she had opened that door and closed it behind her.
Except... there was no one in here. And it was a bathroom.
It was only now she had paid notice that this place had electricity. This whole place is lit up by lights from the bulbs in the ceilings.
The bathroom had a tub with blinds covering it. There was a toilet next to it and a sink making the toilet in the middle. Above the white sink there was a big mirror. She looked into that mirror to see herself. She had almost forgotten what she looked like.
The lights started to tweak as she looked up to the only bulb in the bathroom. She looked back down on the mirror and saw something abnormal that left her eyes wide open and in shock. At the bottom of the mirror, words are being made out of fire.
"Play Rock Paper & Scissors." It said.
She looked at herself in the mirror, and saw Minerva behind her. She quickly spun around, but there was no one there. She turned back around and saw Minerva for a split second at her face before the lights went off.
She had screamed that might've caused the lights to turn back on. She wanted to get out of here, but the doors wasn't opening. She turned back around to the mirror, and started to play Rock Paper & Scissors against her own reflection.
She draw Paper, and so did her reflection. Obviously.
She drew Rock, and so did her reflection. Shocking.
But on the third one, she drew Paper again, only for her reflection to draw Rock, making her win against her reflection. She stumbled back and tripped horrified with what just happened.
But by winning, the door had opened and there was no fire there as if there wasn't fire there ever before.
She wanted to leave, but she could hear something behind the blinds on her right. She can see a shadow behind it, a small one. And it looked like it was a baby. She went to check it out and after removing the blinds...
She picked AJ up. She can't believe she actually managed to find him but what the hell was he doing here?
She wanted to go to hug him but suddenly his teeth turned sharp and his hands' nails also grew sharp. This wasn't AJ... it was a monster. It went for her neck but she dropped him as she bolted out of the bathroom.
She just ran forward and forward as she noticed the shackles weren't attached to her anymore. She didn't stop for this but rather continued her sprint until she saw Lilly with AJ in her hands.
"Lilly!" Clementine shrieked.
"Say your goodbyes to him," Lilly said calmly as she took a gun and placed it on AJ's head.
"No!" Clementine yelled out with her hand forward. "Please don't do this!"
Clementine stepped forward as suddenly the floor under her opened up and she fell through.
She found herself in a dark room. She got up and slowly walked around trying to find an exit until suddenly flames erupted from every side and forced her in the middle. She saw Minerva behind her when she turned around. Minerva however, towered over her, being twice the size Clementine actually remembered her to be. She saw in her hands familar tools.
Minerva went to reach for Clementine but she dropped backwards and backed up all the way into the fire and contacting the wall that unexpectedly rotated around making her go into a different room.
There was a vent near the ceiling of the room she found herself in. The room wasn't big, but it was empty except only a ladder owned the room.
She took that ladder and checked out the vent as she heard AJ's cries coming out from there. She opened the vent and looked in. She couldn't see anything inside, it was pitch black.
She heard something get louder, so she put her head deeper inside trying to see in the darkness of the vent.
Almost half a minute she had been up there until eventually she was smashed back to the wall by an unknown cause. Ignoring the pain, she saw blood drip from the vent. She had went back up there and found the source of that blood.
It was AJ with a ripped open neck and his legs were also cut open hanging extremely loose from his body.
She was speechless as she then cried into his mutilated body.
Eventually she got up and barely walking on her feet, travelled out of the room like a broken individual. Defeated, disheartened, petrified.
When she had left that room, she saw many dead walker bodies hanging from a ceiling that she can not see. She forced herself past the bodies having to hit them with her shoulders and arms. The place was tight, almost suffocating her.
After she made it through them, she saw the corridor as if it was the Ranch. It was filled with fire and again, a convenient path untouched by the flames was formed. Sporadically, she would see silhouttes of individuals from a distance running from place to place, but all succumbing to the fire. Part of her hoped she'd have the same fate, but she just dragged herself forward.
Through the roaring flames on the right, through the swinging paws on the left. And she eventually reached that door on the left. This time, she considered going right.
She looked forward to see the sign that she couldn't read back in the Ranch. This time, she can read it.
It reads, "Turn right to exit and be free. Turn left if you can't let go of your past."
She knew what this sign meant. She wanted nothing more of this torture. Of this pain. Of this insanity.
She turned her body to the right, and stepped towards it and saw the same bright light she saw at the beginning after leaving her cell, only to hear AJ from behind.
"So you're going to leave me?" He cried out.
Clementine froze like a statue on her spot and started to sob.
"No," Clementine said before turning. "Of course not."
She stepped towards the left side and continued to do so. She opened that door, only to have that monster she saw in the bathroom launch at her face.
"AHHH!!" She lifted herself of the bed panting extremely heavily. She looked around her.
It was really dark, but she knew where she was. This whole thing was just a nightmare. She was still at Richmond, in her small room in the middle of the night.
Slowly she got off her bed wanting to go drink some water. But when she stepped away from her bed, she saw Lilly and Minerva...
... standing outside her cell.
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2021.10.27 13:15 zuckerzeit Guide to Writing String Quartets?

Hi all, I'm currently working through Caplin's Analyzing Classical Form and lot of the model composition exercises are for string quartet. Could any of you recommend a text on writing string quartets? I'm looking for something less about form (which ACF covers, of course) and more about idiomatic part-writing, articulation, and orchestration (if such a text exists). Thanks!
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2021.10.27 13:15 christori97 Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc vs Tribrigade Zoodiac... Round 2

Hi all, currently struggling on which of the two is the better variant considering the October banlist and the new Lyrilusc support from Synchro Storm. Any opinions welcome, thanks!
(Also, on a side note, struggling over whether I should buy the Lyrilusc core right now on ygodaily or wait until the market settles. Any thoughts on whether price will go up?)
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