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Looking for discords to help promote my stream The server rose to more main-stream popularity after Then paste that IP into Server Finder, optionally configure the maximum amount of threads and press the "Search" button. Vote Promote Confirm rights. io. 5 new 2b2t Coupon Code results have been found in the last 90 days, which means that every 18, a new 2b2t Coupon Code result is figured out. Get discord members A Discord server is a great way to help you build your brand, find new customers and promote your content. Here are some quick ways to engage current viewers and increase your viewership on Discord. 1. Host Events. Hosting events on Discord can be a great way to get your stream more viewers.

2021.10.27 13:15 shatwilliamner Looking for discords to help promote my stream

Does anyone know of any ?
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2021.10.27 13:15 DameOffensive For a thousand summers, I will wait for you, Toddy

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2021.10.27 13:15 Plastic_Current FANEXPO 2021 VLOG (1)

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2021.10.27 13:15 My_name_is_Bot Jazz cornetist Jack Fine, elder statesman of New Orleans' Frenchmen Street, has died -

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2021.10.27 13:15 HotWheelsVroom My rant on Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing

Big Rigs has to be the most fundamentally broken game that I have ever played. First off, the box the game comes in a complete lie and not once do the police chase after you. It could've been forgiven if it was just the box art, but no. The description on the back literally states that you'll be "hauling loads to stay one step ahead of the law". First off, the menu. The menu looks like an early prototype of a game that is years from completion. It looks very unfinished and very unpolished. Next, the gameplay. You can select from a variety of 'cars', and there are only 5 or 6 of them. Not to mention if you have a certain version of the game, one of the tracks known as "Nightride" doesn't work. In fact, it completely crashes the game when it is selected. Once you are finally in a track, there is another opponent next to you when you start the race, but the opponent doesn't move an inch. Why is that, you may ask? Well, the lazy developers forgot to code in an AI to make the opponent move down the track and just flat-out left it out of the final version. UI elements also looks awful and look like they were thrown together in 2 weeks or less. At the top of the screen, you have your UltraNav, as well as the lap and time counter. For some reason, the timer cannot fit in the small tiny square, so it just sticks out slightly, and that also goes for your MPH/KPH on your gage at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The truck you are driving is a immortal ghost, as it is immune to all damage and can easily phase through buildings and vehicles with ease. Your truck is also completely immune to the laws of gravity, and can completely go up steep slopes with relative ease, even 90 degree slopes, which should be practically impossible for any truck to do. Water physics are also nonexistent. You can even phase through bridges and fall right through the road. There is also absolutely no invisible barriers to keep you in the play zone. Absolutely none exist at all, and you are completely able to outside ot the play zone into a big grey void of absolutely nothing. The reversing is also another story, because if you reverse, you can eventually find out that the truck continues to accelerate in reverse and can literally break the sound barrier once it goes fast enough, not to mention it can eventually break the speed of light itself. And if your intentions are to just race, well, since the other opponent does not have AI put in place, you cannot lose. In fact, it is basically impossible to lose even if you try your hardest to lose. No matter what you do, it is practically impossible to lose and you can actually sit around all day messing around with your invincible ghost truck and phase through literally everything in the game. Why does all of this sound unfinished, you may ask? Well, because it IS unfinished. It is in such a broken and nearly unplayable state that it should've spent more time on the backburner than having a public release. Releasing a game in this state is a really bad idea. Oh, and if you win the race if you decide to practically race normally, a hilariously broken trophy with 3 handles appears accompanied with some Engrish text that reads "YOU'RE WINNER !". In fact, that phrase of text has become a popular internet meme, and has been that way for years. If the game actually featured losing, then there could've been text that read "YOU'RE LOSER !" when you lost a race. But since the AI is practically nonexistent, you can't lose. Even in the most recent update to the game a few years ago that adds the AI to the game, the opponent stops short of the finish line and doesn't complete the lap, meaning you're basically winner no matter which version of the you run. There is absolutely no challenge, and you are always going to be winner. The tracks are also boring and lifeless, and sometimes objects, like a bridge, can be repeated twice in one track, which makes some tracks very confusing as to what the heck is happening. The tracks are so dull and boring and don't have any thought put into them. Like, look at Midnight Club: LA. Amazing track design, and the buildings feel real. Big Rigs doesn't have any of that. Instead, it has boring, lifeless, and sometimes creepy atmosphere compared to other racing games. They feel like an early prototype of a track that is being tested rather than a full, complete track for a fully finished and ready-to-release game. If you're running a certain version of the game, the track "Nightride" is actually playable and you can actually race on it, but its just as boring as the rest of the tracks featured on the game. To sum it up, Big Rigs a broken and unfinished game that was created in about a month and then shipped to be publicly released. Nothing in the game was tested and was just rushed straight out of the door with no playtesting or fixing. The devs showed absolutely no care for their 'magnum opus', and instead just rushed in on out the door which caused the game to get a bad reputation. Big Rigs is one of, if the not the worst racing video game any company has ever made. This game is a definite 1 out of 5 for me.
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2021.10.27 13:15 arumore513 Is 10 (5 pink) stars the highest you can merge to?

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2021.10.27 13:15 skyewarn Video is uploading...coming to terms with my duality! Finally, the end!

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2021.10.27 13:15 MadeOnLeapday How stupid are these people thinking that jobs that require the best humans have to offer can be automated…

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2021.10.27 13:15 ogabogaman1 Does any of you have experience with taking MDMA then redosing with 4mmc

Looking for people who have tried this combo and how it worked out. I know about the risks of mixing stims btw
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2021.10.27 13:15 fergieandtruro Half of cat stopped working

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2021.10.27 13:15 uavguy12345 Taskbar wont show on 2nd screen unless I right-click on it.

Like the title says the taskbar on my 2nd monitor won't open unless I right-click on it. Ever since I updated to win 11 I have been having this issue. Currently Running:
Win 11 Education 22000.282 22000.282
Hope you guys can help me.
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2021.10.27 13:15 Ttabts Ragequitters: Why? You realize that you getting mad and ragequitting to my Isabelle is way more rewarding to me than any GSP?

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2021.10.27 13:15 WoffBoot There Will Be Blood

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2021.10.27 13:15 Alreesta It took me 4 years, and now I can say I'm proud of myself

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2021.10.27 13:15 red_eye1999 Former NiceGuyTMs- what's your story? How did you change?

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2021.10.27 13:15 DrewskiDaKid Pokimane carries the FGC

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2021.10.27 13:15 Kndam5 would marxist-Leninism have worked if lenin didn’t die

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2021.10.27 13:15 Balazarthealterego 𝒂 π’Œ π’Š 𝒓 𝒂 π’ˆ 𝒂 𝒖 𝒕 𝒂 π’Ž 𝒂 π’Ž 𝒂 π’Œ π’Š 𝒏 π’ˆ 𝒅 𝒓 π’Š 𝒍 𝒍 𝒐 𝒏 𝒕 π’˜ π’Š 𝒕 𝒄 𝒉 10/26/2021

𝒂 π’Œ π’Š 𝒓 𝒂 π’ˆ 𝒂 𝒖 𝒕 𝒂 π’Ž 𝒂 π’Ž 𝒂 π’Œ π’Š 𝒏 π’ˆ 𝒅 𝒓 π’Š 𝒍 𝒍 𝒐 𝒏 𝒕 π’˜ π’Š 𝒕 𝒄 𝒉 10/26/2021 submitted by Balazarthealterego to beatmaking [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 13:15 FrontpageWatch2020 [#63|+2639|249] LPT: The friend zone isn't for friends. The friend zone is for people who will react unpredictably (or poorly) to straight up rejection. If you are repeatedly "Friend Zoned," by different people, it may be time to reconsider yo… [r/LifeProTips]

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2021.10.27 13:15 Butterfly_1994 India's oldest, 87 year old music magazine 'Sangeet' faces a bleak future

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2021.10.27 13:15 kiddpancham πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

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2021.10.27 13:15 Pandacakesz [14/F] uh hii.. kinda new here.. [chat] [friendship] idk

Name: Panda Age: 14 Gender Female she/her Country: USA Sexuality: Bi Height: 5ft0 Likes: playing games, listening to music, sitting in my room, night time Dislikes: mean people Dms: Open to All A little about yourself: I'm shy. I'm just looking for a place to chat and maybe make friends since I don't really have any.. uhh my favorite color is purple... I keep to myself a lot.. I don't know what else to put here.
I'm new to this, I'm gessing this is how to start a post. Discorddd is on my profile addmee before this acount gets taken down as usual. Don't ask just do Everyone can add me just do it! Girls and guys.
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2021.10.27 13:15 superstition1back Hannahowo Cosplay as a lewd bunny girl <3

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2021.10.27 13:15 DarlingBri 4.14 πŸ˜‚ I told you voters would hate it! (Still no regrets πŸ§‘πŸ’™)

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2021.10.27 13:15 1PSays43 Inconclusive Lymphoma Diagnosis - 5 Year Old Mixed Breed

My dog, Dobby (5 y/o neutered male Aussie/Pit mix), was just diagnosed with lymphoma by my vet. He's been a healthy dog other than having hypothyroidism (diagnosed 1 year ago, on levothyroxine, levels are stable).
His only symptom was swollen lymph nodes (noticed 1-2 weeks ago, appt last Tuesday, got results today). Acting fine, eating okay (never been a great eater). Bloodwork was normal. Fine needle aspiration came back "suspicious but technically inconclusive." Vet basically said, he's dying, see if you can get an oncology appointment somewhere else to extend his life with chemo.
I am not in denial that this is probably the end of a short but full life for him. But our vet is busy (took two days to call us after lab reports came in) and I haven't been able to get the answer to two questions from him:

  1. Are inconclusive results common? Is there anything else it could be since the test was technically not positive? What further testing would we need to rule out other suspected diagnoses?
  2. What can do we in the mean time until the oncology appointment? Anything? Dobby is our baby and I will put his comfort first, even if it means losing him sooner, but I want to know what I can do to make him as comfortable as possible.
Thanks in advance. This has been the worst week of my life and I appreciate any and all insight anyone can offer.
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